New graduates, take heed:  There is only one way to approach the job market and that’s with full confidence.  I know, I know, the economy looks dismal especially for someone trying to break in but I am convinced that if you maintain a positive attitude, use every weapon in your arsenal, project an air of confidence, and distinguish yourself as a candidate, you will get hired.

A few caveats:  Stop complaining and start winning.  Do not undermine your own trajectory by falling into the trap of defeatism and hopelessness.  And finally, stick to a “looking for a job” schedule that’s full-time, full-blast and full-brio.  Looking for a job is a full-time job.  It takes work but you know what the payoff is:  A job.

Based upon my coaching experience with new graduates, I stress the following tactics that generate real results:

#1.  Don’t expect a full-time job with benefits.  Companies are hugely impressed when they see a new graduate’s resume filled with part-time jobs.  They’re looking for go-getters and not entitlement types who wait around for something to happen.

Sign up with a temp agency and request jobs that are in your field.  One young candidate was eager to break into television.  His temp agency kept sending him to jobs at HBO.  After working there on and off for more than a year, he created a reputation for consistent and excellent work.  HBO offered him a full-time job.

#2.  Follow-up.  Unless you’re responding to a blind ad, don’t drop the ball after you’ve had a conversation or sent a resume.  Before finishing a call, make sure you ask when you should call back to see if a position has opened up.  Even if the person says “we will call you,” tell him/her that you’ll check in with them in about eight weeks to see if anything has changed.

There’s a distinct difference between an aggressive versus an assertive manner. In our competitive economy, companies are looking for people who are confident about their ability to be an asset to the bottom line.

#3.    Use social media to your benefit.  Identify the industries you’re interested in and follow the companies that intrigue you.  On a daily basis, check their websites, LinkedIn pages, tweets and Facebook feed for new job postings.  Be engaging and interact via social media, in a professional manner of course.

You will get a job but you need to turn over a lot of rocks to plant a garden.