Happy 4sqDay! (April 16, four-squared — get it? And today, Foursquare announced that its reached 20 million users and 2 billion check-ins! The site has grown rapidly, especially among Millennials who are constantly on their phones and seek to inform their friends of their whereabouts. In fact, according to our recent Ypulse research, 21% of collegians and 13% of high schoolers use the site to check in. And today only, users will get a special 4sqDay badge when they check in honor of the occassion!) (USA Today)

Coachella is a right of passage for Gen Y and a cultural experience (which says a lot about Millennials’ group-oriented attitude. There isn’t as much of a barrier between artist and fans today, and as Swedish House Mafia took the stage this weekend, an electronic dance music revolution was in full force. It’s also a good venue for marketers to reach Millennials and test out brand advertising strategies. Speaking of Coachella, check out pictures from the show and fashion at the festival, which has become almost as important as the music) (The Lefsetz Letter) (CNN) (Flavorwire) (Refinery 29)

While Millennials can generally be categorized as optimistic, tech-savvy, and team-oriented (such attitudes don’t accurately describe all Millennials as Boston Consulting Group points out. Instead, they tend to fall in six groups including Hip-ennials, Millennial Moms, Anti-Millennials, Gadget Gurus, Clean and Green Millennials, and Old School Millennials, with Hip-ennials — mostly females who are careful spenders and constantly seek information — making up the largest group) (MediaPost)

It’s no secret that kids have tremendous purchasing power in their families (with three out of five parents involving their children in car-buying decisions. This creates an even bigger need for auto companies to appeal to youth — as many have sought to do so in recent months — since their opinions carry heavy weight. Speaking of which, Jeeps, Chevrolets, and Fords are kids’ favorites respectively. In other car related news, teen girls are twice as likely as teen boys to use cell phones or other devices while driving and 10% more likely to partake in other distracted behaviors) (AdAge) (Examiner)

Fast-food restaurants aren’t selling nearly as many kids meals as they have in the past (which can be attributed to cheaper items a la carte, such as on the dollar menu, and children’s lack of interest in the toys. Families are focused on value and are instead sharing meals more. But children are also outgrowing kids meal toys at an earlier age which many credit to technology) (Chicago Tribune)

HBO’s new program ‘Girls’ premiered last night and so far it seems like an accurate representation of Gen Y (and what it’s like to enter the real world in a time of uncertainty. It’s daunting as the characters suggest, but we think the program sheds light on important issues and will serve as “the voice of this generation, or at least, a voice of a generation” as Hannah would put it) (WaPo)

We love the idea of Swipes for the Homeless, a nonprofit that students at UCLA formed (when they noticed how many leftover meal points their peers had at the end of each semester. Instead of letting the points go to waste or stocking up on unnecessary snacks, students can donate their points to those in need with each swipe being comparable to a meal) (Good.Is)

As Gen Y struggles with student loans and debt, a Millennial shares her perspective on why she avoids owning a credit card (and only has a debit card instead. This is common among her peers, but she recognizes both the pros and cons of it) (CreditCards.com)