As we approach the holiday shopping season, you might feel daunted by the idea of comparing Black Friday deals on your favorite items, including the Amazon Kindle. Luckily, we took the time to sift through all the latest buzz on the popular e-book readers. We’ve got price comparisons on everything from from the latest Kindle HDX with its superior visuals and 24-7 help Mayday button, to the cheapest offer for a non-HD 7” Kindle Fire. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the deals!

Best deal on the market comes from Best Buy

Best Buy is receiving lots of hype for its hundred-dollar deal on last year’s 7” Kindle Fire HD, 8GB. This Black Friday offer cuts $100 from this Kindle’s market price of $199.99, and as an additional bonus, this discount comes with no strings attached—no forgotten rebates, no in-store gift card, no members-only credit.

The latest Kindle Fire HDX is available for purchase at Best Buy as well, but at $229.99 it is on par with market value because of its recent release. Best Buy is also offering the original Kindle e-reader for $49.99, which is a $20 discount from its original $69.99 price.

Staples offers cheapest Kindle Fire

Second in line for biggest holiday hype is Staples, which is offering the first-generation 7” Kindle Fire from 2012. Staples will slash the e-reader’s price in half, from the original market value of $159.99 to its Black Friday price of $79.99. Take note that this is the original Kindle Fire, as compared to the upgraded models of Kindle Fire HD or Kindle Fire HDX. Comparably, the larger, savvier 8.9” Kindle Fire HD at Staples has taken a $100 price-cut, from $269.99 to $169.00.

Staples is also offering an in-store $25 gift card to promote sales for the new generation of Amazon Kindles, reducing the price of the 7” Kindle Fire HD from $139.99 to $114.99, and the 7” Kindle Fire HDX from $229.99 to $204.99.

The Best Missed Deal – Amazon Gift Card

On November 14th, Amazon featured a small Black Friday event of its own. This was so early, that it beat all other retailers to the punch. The deal offered a $15 gift card with any purchase of a new 7” Kindle Fire HD tablet. If you were lucky enough to catch the deal on the day of, the price of the Kindle Fire HD went down from $139.99 to $125.99.

The deal is, unfortunately, expired and in any case, will be trumped by the Staples discount of $25. However, considering the premium online convenience of the Amazon brand, with free two-day shipping and mess-free returns (as well as the online support they provide), this offer stole its share of the media spotlight. In addition, there was no risk of the item selling out, so the discount of $15 was guaranteed, had you nabbed it in time. Be sure to anticipate a similar deal next year!

Office Depot chips in to the pricing game

Office Depot’s price for the 7” Kindle Fire HD (16GB) stands at $129.91, a slightly-more-than $70 dollar discount on the original price of $199.99. Office Depot’s price cuts just under discounts at other retailers like Kmart and Radio Shack, which currently price their Kindle Fire HD at $129.99. However, Office Depot’s offer gives more than an 8-cent discount: it offers its discount as a new baseline.

Office Depot also features the 7” 2nd Generation Kindle Fire at $99.91, and the 8.9” Kindle Fire HD at $169.99, the latter matching prices at Office Max.

All the other retailers

There may come a time when discounts at Best Buys, Staples, Amazon and Office Depot are unavailable to you. They might sell out in a sea of Black Friday customers, or the deals might expire before you can make it. Whatever may be the case, it’s always good to be prepared, so we’ll provide you all the rest of the offers coming your way this year.

Kohl’s is offering a $15 discount for every $50 spent, so whether you get your $199.99 Kindle Fire HD, or your $229.99 Kindle Fire HDX, you’ll get a $45 – $60 discount. That means $154.99 for the HD, and $269.99 for the HDX.

Both Sears and Kmart are offering $10 membership credit with any purchase of a new Kindle Fire HD or HDX, spelling values of $129.99 for the Kindle Fire HD, and $219.99 for the Kindle Fire HDX. You may be able to get an additional $5 off if you use the promotional code SEARS2013 in the website.

Office Max is selling both the 7” and 8.9” Kindle Fire HD at $169.99. While the 7” may be less attractive, given that Best Buy and Office Depot are offering much lower deals, the 8.9” model at the same price is definitely worth a look. At $229.99, Office Max’s 8.9” model is $60 dollars less than its market value.

Finding a balance

To sum up, Best Buy has the hottest deal for last year’s Kindle Fire HD, Staples has the cheapest deal for the original Kindle Fire, Amazon had a great deal if you caught it in time, and Office Depot is offering all-around convenient discounts. The Kindle Fire HDX is difficult to find a discount for, considering that it’s the latest and greatest release from the Amazon brand, but you can at least find some $10-25 discounts at stores like Staples, Kmart and Sears.

Holiday shopping can certainly be incredibly stressful and extremely time-consuming, but we’re all hoping that the deal we find—the steal we find—will be worth it in the end. Luckily, we here at Nerdwallet are here to make sure that your shopping trip is worth your time.