I’m not going to date myself but I was but young and carefree when Facebook first debuted its friend list feature in 2007. I didn’t use it then, and I don’t use it now. Apparently only 5% of users do, which is why Zuckerberg and team have revamped the feature to make friend lists more popular and easier to mange.

Now we are introduced to “smart lists,” such as “close friends” and “acquaintances.” Hmm…Ring a Google+ bell for anyone? Those who have to deal with heavy duty news feed traffic will relish the close friends and acquaintances lists. Adding a friend to the acquaintance list will ensure that only life changing news will pop up on your news feed.

Smart lists automatically create lists for work, family, school and geographically close bosom buddies. These lists can give feedback on the local parties and happenings without bugging friends in another city. Yet another impediment to good, old fashioned communication. Facebook users will also be able to share and consume content from lists. Testing has been underway and Facebook intends to roll out the new and improved friend lists in the coming weeks.