There have been countless campaigns to end bullying – and more recently cyberbullying (but this time the ever powerful Facebook is getting involved to instigate change. The social network has teamed up with Time Warner to launch Stop Bullying: Speak Up, a social app for students and adults to end bullying and encourage others to join them in their pledge. Through a multi-platform campaign, including an Anderson Cooper 360° Town Hall special on the subject, students can learn more about the ongoing issue and help eliminate it this school year) (Businesswire)

Netflix is undergoing a major change (that will presumably affect how customers watch movies. After struggling to find an effective pricing plan, Netflix has split into two companies…the DVD-by mail service will now be called Qwikster and the streaming service will remain under the name Netflix. Customers who want to access movies on both mediums will have to subscribe to both companies, but it will certainly benefit those who just want one platform. What do you think of this decision? In better news, Qwikster will also include a video game by mail rental service) (TechCrunch)

Olive Garden, Red Lobster, and numerous other family restaurants are reworking their kids’ menus (to help end childhood obesity. These eateries, all owned by Darden Restaurants Inc, aim to reduce sodium and calories in children’s meals, and will start serving fruits or veggies as default side dishes along with a glass of milk. This news comes shortly after McDonald’s announcement about healthier kid’s meals, and we hope other restaurants will follow after. On the other end of the spectrum, popular food and beverage brands including Arby’s, Stouffer’s, Tyson, and Tasti D-Lite have partnered with Mattel Games for promotional purposes. We see the fun in this but wonder if they will also follow suit) (Chicago Tribune) (Cynopsis Kids)

They may not compare to ‘Jersey Shore’ or ‘Teen Mom,’ (but we’re excited for MTV’s new slate of programming nonetheless. The network recently picked up six new shows – four reality and two scripted programs – which are slightly different, ok very different, than the crazy antics we’ve seen at Seaside Heights or all the baby drama among high school moms. B&C explains what you can expect from the upcoming shows…)

In an effort to bridge the generational gap and foster online interaction between kids and their relatives (Brain Rewards developed Ohanarama, a social network for kids to connect with their family members, particularly grandparents. Users can take quizzes or play games against their family members to win virtual and real-world rewards. It’s a good way for kids to communicate with their relatives who they may not see very often and it’s safe for kids unlike many social networks) (CNET)

SeaWorld is diving into the entertainment industry (to build the brand beyond amusement parks. The content produced under SeaWorld Pictures will of course center around marine animals while educating and entertaining kids. TV and animated shows might even be in the mix, so we’re excited to see what they create) (Kidscreen)

The ‘Lion King 3D’ led the pack at the box office this weekend, just as we suspected (raking in an impressive $29.3 million. It’s clear that nothing can compete with nostalgia! Given how well the film did, we hope Disney brings back other classic movies in this format. Speaking of which, adults need not to worry about the prevalence of children’s movies in 3D. Recent research shows that this format is completely fine for kids and does not harm their vision) (The Hollywood Reporter) (Variety)