The results are in for the top websites of 2011 and it’s no surprise that Facebook takes the #1 spot (since users can’t get enough of the social network, even with its constant changes. Facebook also ranked as the most-searched for term of 2011 and we doubt its status as the leading site is going away anytime soon. Speaking of Facebook, check out this infographic about how the social network can help students get better grades…that is if they don’t spend too much time procrastinating. Sharing links with friends, however, correlates with higher GPAs) (TechCrunch) (Social Times)

Millennials value social activism and are bringing this attitude to the workplace (hoping their employers do the same. According to Deloitte, 61% of 18-26 years olds prefer to work for a company with volunteer opportunities. Moreover, Millennials expect brands to support causes — they’re big fans of Tom’s Shoes for this reason — so they’re eager to work for companies that do the same. MSN offers further information about how Gen Y is impacting the workplace from their emphasis on communication and teamwork to their tech-savvy skills) (Washington Post)

As we reported earlier, MTV changed their “Choose or Lose” campaign designed to get Millennials excited about the election to “Power of 12” (and along with the new name comes a fantasy political election game. Players can draft candidates competing for the presidency, U.S. Senate, and House of Representatives, and then get points depending on how well or poorly the politicians conduct themselves. Think Fantasy Football but for politics! We think this is a smart idea considering Millennials approach life with a game-like mentality. MTV also recently released its “Our Voice” documentary about Millennials traveling across the U.S. to ask questions to candidates) (Mashable)

We’re loving the ‘The Lorax’ themed PSA created by the USDA Forest Service, the Ad Council, and Universal Pictures that encourages kids to spend time outdoors, enjoy nature, and protect the environment (through its new Discover the Forest initiative. Kids and families can go to to learn about outdoor activities and find parks and forests near them to celebrate their surroundings just like Dr. Seuss’ characters) (Collider)

Don’t be frustrated the next time your child nags you to get what he or she wants; (a recent study reveals that kids who push back against their moms’ decisions are more likely to resist peer pressure. It makes sense that teens who talk back to their moms can also do that to their friends because they know how to assert themselves and not just give in to what someone else says. Arguing with your kids can get tiresome, but at least it’s teaching them helpful skills according to LiveScience) (Jezebel)

The Thiel Foundation is looking to help another group of high school seniors become young entrepreneurs (by giving them $100k and two years of mentoring in place of them going to college. The first “class” of Millennials have already gained valuable working world experience, launched companies, raised capital, and won awards, so Peter Thiel is after a new group. But hurry, the deadline — December 31st — is quickly approaching!) (FastCompany)

Ours hearts are warmed by this creative and cute commercial from Coca-Cola called Santa’s Forgotten Letters (that tracks down the writers of unanswered letters to Santa from decades ago and he delivers them the presents they asked for then they were kids. If that doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, we don’t know what will!  Speaking of the holiday season, Ypulse will be taking the day off on December 23rd to celebrate. We’ll see you again on the 26th to count down the days until 2012) (PFSK)