Today is a big day for buttons, with Facebook unveiling (an “I Care” button that allows members to signify their support for social causes and enables the site to track the most cared about topics. MTV Voices is the first to test out the button. Elsewhere on the Web, Spotify is adding a “Play Button” widget that allows people to embed any song available on the streaming service into a webpage. Tumblr is so excited about this opportunity, it’s even adding the feature to its dashboard) (eConsultancy) (AllThingsD)

Tomorrow, April 12, is Teen Lit Day and we’re excited to Rock the Drop (by leaving some of our favorite YA classics around the city for lucky, unsuspecting readers to discover them. You can join in too! The children’s/YA book market has exploded in the past year, with sales up more than 60% year over year. Even more impressive, ebook sales are up a whopping 475%, proving that the tablet explosion has been beneficial for publishers) (IHeartDaily) (Wired)

Spending on kids was one of the last things to be cut from a family’s budget (during the recession, thanks to a very kid-centric family culture. That may explain why it’s one of the strongest retail categories currently. Here’s a look at their shopping habits and mindset) (WWD, reg required)

TEDxTeen is beginning to post videos from this year’s talks (so those who weren’t able to attend the event can still get the benefit of “The Wisdom Of Not Knowing”)

Teen births continue to decline, down to 34 in 1,000 (the lowest point since record keeping began in 1940. This is in line with the trend of Millennials curbing risky behaviors, with fewer smoking and drinking) (WSJ, reg required)

Leading-edge Millennials, which VH1 calls ‘adultsters’ (were the last generation to be born before the Internet went mass market. Their lives were upturned on 9/11 and since then they’ve been focusing on their passions and social connections, and taking care of themselves physically, emotionally, and financially. They don’t want to compromise by settling for a job or settling on a spouse) (MediaPost)

We’re cracking up watching the ‘The Hipster Games,’ (the latest parody of “The Hunger Games” in which tributes from the District of Silver Lake must compete. “May the trends be ever in your favor!” Speaking of having fun with hipsters, check out this “infographic” on the evolution of hipster culture from 2000-2009) (Time) (Sourbrains)