In an effort for Facebook to secure its spot as the number one social network, the site snapped up Instagram today (for $1 billion! This news comes just after Instagram launched for Android last week and more than 1 million people downloaded the photo-sharing app on the first day. But don’t worry Instagram fans, users will still be able to post pictures on any social network under this acquisition. In other Facebook news, nearly 70% of Millennials rarely visit fan pages, yet this infographic provides helpful information about what makes Gen Y more interested in following a brand on Facebook) (TechCrunch) (Ragan)

Employers can learn a lot about Millennials and their work habits if they ask interview questions (which focus on their generation in particular. Denise Restauri, the Founder and CEO of AllyKattz, as well as a contributor to Forbes, spoke with several of our Youth Advisory Board members to understand what types of questions employers should be asking and what applicants’ responses reveal. Hint: Most of these Millennial questions are about social media!)

With so many mediums to choose from, it’s no surprise that Millennials switch from one media platform to another (a whopping 27 times an hour. In other words, they’re multitasking a ton and are engaged on several devices simultaneously. But they also get distracted easily and want constant entertainment, which puts more pressure on companies to capture their attention) (AdAge)

We’re excited for the upcoming YA post-apocalyptic trilogy from Chris Weitz (director of “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and “Golden Compass.” Having been a writer, producer, and director for several Millennial movies, he’ll now create his own series where a catastrophe kills everyone but teenagers. They must learn to live in a world with no heat, running water, TV, video games, Internet, and adults, which creates “nostalgia for pop culture and technology” as Weitz explains. In other book news, the ALA just released its most Frequently Challenged Book List of 2011, which includes “The Hunger Games” series, “TTYL,” and the “Gossip Girl” books) (Deadline) (Publishers Weekly)

It’s about time that there’s a way to dispose of your old cell phone while being both eco-friendly (and earning money. Meet EcoATM. People can drop their phone into a slot at the machine and the kiosk will buy it back, but first it gives them an option to donate the money to charity. Moreover, users can decide if they want their device to be sold on the global market or recycled, which combines several attitudes and actions that matter most to Millennials) (Good.Is)

The New York Times Learning Network and Teen Ink are holding a teen essay contest on bullying (where students can write either about how bullying exists today or how to address it. The contest aims to further teach people about the ongoing problem among youth and find ways to end it. In other anti-bullying news, Common Sense Media and Disney’s Friends For Change have teamed up to fight the issue among young students by airing PSAs featuring Disney Channel and Disney XD stars, as well as by providing tips) (NY Times) (LA Times)

Sephora just received a major makeover (including an updated site with Pinterest and Instagram integration, and an in-store system where shoppers can use iPads to check out its beauty offerings online and watch videos. Taking a cue from Apple to manage its queue, sales associates will have iPod touches to check out customers throughout the store. These new offerings are sure to make this favorite brand among Millennials even more appealing!) (Mashable)

Mattel just released photos of Katniss Barbie who’s dressed in her arena outfit (complete with bow and arrows and a Mockingjay pin, much to our approval! We’re glad she’s being depicted as the tough female heroine we all love, showing off her beauty, brains, and badass attitude. Speaking of Barbie, she’s also running for President! What can’t this girl do? The doll seeks to inspire girls and make them involved in their communities, and, of course, she’s well dressed in clothes designed by Chris Benz) (EW) (NY Daily News)