Summer is finally here, blasting us with heat waves from coast-to-coast, and while the end of June may be the “official” signal for the beginning of summer, nothing really starts off the season like Independence Day. The Fourth of July is a day where we remember those who fought for our independence in the past and honor our heroic military troops of the present. It’s also a time where we celebrate with our families and friends by firing up the grill, having a swim, and lighting off fireworks. With more than 67 percent of Americans planning to join in on the festivities this holiday, millions of dollars will be spent to spur on the celebrations.

When looking at how much people spend during the holiday a new Visa survey showed that young people spend the most on Fourth of July celebrations, men spend more than women, and Southerners spend the most on average at around $263 a piece. $15.8 million dollars worth of fireworks were exported from the U.S. in 2011, with Australia purchasing the more than any other country at $4.5 million. While fireworks may be available year round in some states, the boom the economy gets around the Fourth of July when fireworks are made readily available to almost everyone is a great summertime plus.

via: TurboTax