People are beginning to flee Egypt due to the unrest.  According to the State Department at least 220 U.S. citizens have been evacuated from Egypt as of Monday Evening. Another 175 are boarding flights to Athens.  It is estimated that about 52,000 Americans are in Egypt either as residents or tourists. 2,400 of those Americans have asked for help to be evacuated and  that number is expected to rise.

Americans looking to evacuate are told to travel to Cairo International Airport HAJ Terminal 4. There, American government officials are arranging charter travel.  Flights are going to Turkey, Cyprus and Greece according to the State Department.  Americans have been told that they should be prepared for a very long wait at the airport and to bring food, water and other necessities while they wait to catch a flight.

Although Americans are not being targeted it is advised that U.S. citizens that do not plan on leaving Egypt avoid protests and practice caution.  It is also advised that Americans do not travel to Egypt during this time.  The 3pm curfew set in Egypts major cities is not being enforced on Americans trying to leave the country and flights are departing at all hours.

A spokesman for Cyprus (Stefanos Stefanou) said that they are ready to help any country trying to evacuate its citizens out of Egypt. Governments throughout the globe are working to transport their citizens out of the country. Canada, India, Israel, Thailand, Australia, Mexico and Russia are also working on evacuating their citizens out of Egypt or have a plan in place.