It’s not a secret, we have faced a new Internet revolution and web 2.0 has surpassed all expectations. The way information is shared over the network has completely changed, and social media tools (or “Social Networks”) are without any doubt the main actors in that change. A lot of industries have been impacted: Advertisement & Marketing, Medias & Journalists, Customer Support, etc. We all had to jump on that train before it was too late. We have seen tons of tremendous tools appearing all over the web and believe me, a lot of them are really good at solving problems and enabling people to talk to very large audiences quite easily. Thus far its been an amazing journey! As “social networkers” we are getting information from all over the world at lightning speed, connecting to hundreds of friends, colleagues and even complete strangers!

So why did we decided to create “another social network”? Actually, for many reasons (and I’ll name a few of them), but if I should sum-it up in one sentence it would be: “making your life easier”.

First of all, we realized that having an active “social media life” was hell: taking up a couple of hours a day, vastly overwhelmed by the amount of data and wasting a lot of time sorting through the noise to get to what really interests you.

Secondly, some tools are great, but too complex for the average man (Yes, I’m looking at you Mr. Twitter) and the result is that most people “don’t get the point”.

Thirdly, most social media tools are great for instant access to the content, but it was turning into mission impossible when you needed to find something shared 3 months ago!

So we are not really creating a new social network, we are creating a new layer that would come over the existing tools and make them more user-friendly or as we say in our introduction video: “we are creating a genius that will help you deal with all your online identities, will simplify your online life, and will help you stop wasting your time.”

We still have a lot of work to do, we are aware of that, but we have a great team of very motivated and highly talented people working hard everyday to make your life easier.

Author: Guillaume Molter is a BSC graduate in Software Development and also holds a Masters degree in Management and Information Technology. After several internships at various top web agencies, he decided to spend a few months in Boston visiting relatives, during which time he did some market research and actively thought about ideas for starting eegoes. You can discover eegoes at