The challenging economic climate seems to have heavily influenced what magazines will be writing about in the coming year, and Real Estate and Home topics will be getting a lot of attention in 2012.  With the Real Estate market in tough shape and people putting off moving to stay put, there’s a lot of focus on home improvement, landscaping and decorating.  Here are the top Real Estate and Home story topics for 2012.

  1. Gardens & Landscape
  2. Home Automation
  3. Design & Architecture
  4. Interiors & Decoration
  5. Home Improvement & Renovation

Gardens & Landscape – With a difficult real estate market persisting, homeowners are making improvements to their current home, starting with beautifying their outdoor space. For those looking to discover their green thumb or for people who are already experts, there will be numerous resources available to help them meet their goals with Gardens and Landscape proving to be a hot topic for the coming year.

Home Automation – It’s not just for the Jetson’s! As technology focuses on ways to make our everyday lives simpler and more comfortable, solutions that keep us in control of our homes while we’re away from home are being developed daily. In 2012, magazines will dedicate pages to advances that allow us to control everything from the lights in our living room to the temperature in our home, all from a remote device like a smartphone or computer.

Design & Architecture – Whether you see the home as the ultimate showpiece, are interested mainly in maximizing space and function, or just love to imagine your dream house, an amazing design is a necessity.  With so many styles and sensibilities to pore over, it’s not a surprise that home design and architecture stories will get lots of attention over the next twelve months.

Interiors & Decoration – It’s the small touches and homey décor that make a house into a home, so it’s no surprise that stories about interiors and decoration rate high on magazine editorial calendars in the coming year. Focusing on making indoor living spaces attractive, comfortable and functional, is not only a fun and creative outlet, but is also a great and affordable way to change the look and feel of any room.

Home Improvement & Renovation – With people staying put in their homes during a tough real estate market, home improvement and renovation projects are an outlet for making changes big and small or for fixing things that have gone ignored for awhile. In 2012, magazines will offer plenty of stories about home improvement, all of which will likely be of great interest to the many intrepid do-it-yourself readers out there.