In spite of the economic recession ending over a year ago, the revenue of dollar stores has shown an increase.  With the holidays drawing near, shoppers are continuing to flock to such stores to get the most for their money.

According to figures from Sageworks, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and Dollar General have all posted revenue gains.  Compared to the same time last year, Dollar Tree reported a 14.25% revenue increase for the quarter ending in October.  Dollar General posted a 10.06% increase for the same period.  Family Dollar’s quarter ending in August reflected a 8.03% revenue increase from the same time last year.

As recognized in Access Atlanta, consumers seem to be taking advantage more and more of the opportunities presented to them.  Customers that once went to dollar stores for things like cleaning supplies have begun to walk out with much more–holiday products included.

Although consumers can save by going to warehouses that sell bulk items for less money per unit, many consumers have preferred a smaller quantity for less.  While drugstores are convenient, their prices can be a little high for some.  Dollar stores, which now sell a wide variety of products for less, are becoming more and more like convenience stores for consumers.

According to a list of hot retailers in 2010, the National Retail Federation has stated that “…Almost everybody in the dollar store segment has been growing by leaps and bounds,” a trend that may continue as the economy and consumers heal.