Telesales can be an intense environment, and telesales teams are often on the move, in and out of the office. Asking your team to stay abreast of the latest product changes and to keep current on their training can be a hassle – yet telesales training is essential. Your sales staff needs to stay well-versed in any product and industry changes.

If you struggle with keeping your telesales team trained, consider making eLearning the cornerstone of your training program. Since February 5th is considered the national “Digital Learning Day,” we thought what better time to outline some of the advantages that eLearning offers for telesales teams. First, though, consider the following statistics:

  • Companies that employ eLearning for training purposes generate revenue that is 26% higher per employee
  • eLearning typically requires 40 – 60% less employee time than it takes to employ classroom learning
  • eLearning increases productivity by 50% — every $1 spent on eLearning results in $30 of productivity

Sound appealing? Read on. Here are further ways that eLearning can help your telesales team offer world-class customer service and top-notch sales skills.

eLearning is flexible for telesales teams

eLearning allows sales team members to learn on their own time. Set deadlines for your employees, but give them the option to learn at their convenience – in-between sales calls, first thing in the morning, or perhaps after they wrap up their calls at the end of the day. Employees don’t have to travel to training sessions, saving them time. Additionally, students can move through the material at their own pace, letting them spend longer amounts of time on material that is more complex, and allowing them to move quickly through material they find easy. One study found that students have a 60% faster learning curve with eLearning material, supporting the idea that the added flexibility that eLearning provides helps students work through the material faster and retain more.

eLearning is portable

eLearning can be completed on tablets, laptops, or even on mobile phones. Your telesales team can log on to their portable devices when they’re on the road, if they are on a call and need to quickly reference material, or even from the comfort of their own home. An added advantage to mobile eLearning? It increases motivation. One study found that 70% of students reported increased motivation to work on eLearning when they were able to do it on mobile devices.

eLearning allows employees to review and revisit the information when needed

In a lecture or traditional classroom setting, students may miss important points, not take thorough notes, or wish to review something at a later time. eLearning allows the information to be stored in podcasts, presentations, or on documents, so employees can flag information and revisit it if necessary. They can even re-watch video lectures.

eLearning is consistent for organizations

In large organizations, ensuring that your sales team is learning the same material is vital. Classroom learning may use the same book, but lecturers can present information in different ways. With eLearning, you’ll use the same modules and present the same material, across the organization, and on the schedule you choose. Maintain consistency in your training, and have a way to document where your employees are at by monitoring where they are in the coursework.

With eLearning options, have confidence that your telesales team will stay up-to-speed

Take the stress and hassle out of making sure your sales team keeps current on their training. eLearning has greatly improved and expanded the telesales training possibilities that organizations have to keep their team current and up-to-speed. Improve your telesales team’s customer service, upselling and cross-selling skills, and confidence level – eLearning provides a more flexible, portable, and consistent option for mastering new material.