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In 2010 design plans were submitted for a new south terminal for Denver International airport. These designs were drawn by the architect Santiago Calatrava and proposed a new hotel and a brand new train station that would be connected to the airport. The design by Santiago Calatrava was very unique as when the airport was to be viewed head on the the hotel and railway station would resemble the open wings of a bird. However although the plans were very intricate and visually appealing they weren’t taken on board as the overall costs were estimated at are $650.

But plans for a new south terminal at Denver International Airport didn’t end there. A revised plan was submitted by architects Gensler and Anderson Mason Dale. The cost of the new design was estimated to be $150 million dollars cheaper at an overall cost of $500 million. The revised design bares a slightly different shape, less square footage, a smaller train station and one less floor on the hotel than Calatrava’s original proposal. This design was accepted and construction has already begun. Denver International Airport’s new south terminal is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Many people are excited for the completion of the new south terminal as it is believed that it will bring a great boom in business to Denver. This was one of the main reasons that the plans were accepted and it was agreed that the already busy Denver airport needed a new terminal. But many are uncertain about just what benefits in business the new south terminal will bring. If you are unsure it is crucial that you read on as the main boosts in business that the south terminal will bring are to be explained.


The construction of Denver’s south terminal began back in 2011 and is expected to be complete in 2015. During these four years there is a lot of work to be done, hence a lot of jobs have been created as a result. There are number of architects working on the project as well as a number of contracted construction teams. The estimated number of design and construction jobs that will be created is between 600-700. The project will provide a lot of income and work for the companies that are involved for some years to come. This is because a lot of maintenance for the airport as a whole has been planned as well as the new south terminal development.

New Airlines

Since the announcement of the new south terminal a number of airlines have shown increased interest in Denver International Airport and some have signed deals already. Spirit Airlines recently announced they would be running a new service from Denver International Airport and Southwest Airlines have officially opened new flight attendant and crew bases at the airport already. The number of Southwest Airlines attendants and crew bases have big potential to grow, which the new south terminal could accommodate for.

The new airlines are thought to bring in new business via increased connections with the rest of the world, which is believed to be appealing to many businesses. However some have rejected this argument by saying that air travel no longer plays as big a part as it once did in the business world due to new technologies such as the internet.


Lots of business for Denver hotels is expected to be generated directly from the construction of the new terminal. This is because there are hotels being constructed in the terminal that are expected to deliver more than $2 million in revenue and will create 200 permanent jobs.

Other Denver hotels are also being constructed in the area adjacent to Denver International Airport. The reason that the these hotels are close to Denver Airport is because the city is already known for being a prime destination for business travelers and that the new south terminal will only increase such traffic.

As you can see the new south terminal does boast a number of business benefits to Denver. But we will have to wait until the completion in 2015 to find out whether the new south terminal delivers results.