I remember conducting a qualitative research exploratory for a client a few years ago to help them better understand their target audience. The audience that I was helping them to understand was 18-24 year old male basketball enthusiasts. The project was not only successful in delivering on the information goals, but it was a lot of fun.

The methodology that I prescribed for this project involved A Day-In-The-Life ethnography exercise for the numerous respondents from across the country that participated in the research project. Each participant submitted a digital photo and video diary that chronicled a typical weekday and a typical weekend day in their lives.

I use the word typical loosely because we quickly recognized that “typical” in the lives of millennials is relative.

In addition to the insights that were shared with the client to help serve their programming and product development needs, there were some universal behavioral insights that came out of that research that I want to share with all my millennial colleagues.

Three steps that were pretty consistent in how the majority of the participants illustrated how they initiated their day were as follows… 1. Wake-Up 2. Get Dressed 3. Plan the Day.

Below are some considerations I want to share with millennials as a part of these critical three steps that set the tone for your entire day.

1. Wake Up – This not only applies to physically waking up, but being aware and alert throughout the day. In other words don’t sleep on the opportunities that are right in front of you. I’ve seen many of my millennial colleagues and clients miss out on opportunities and blessings because they are so caught up and focused on the wrong thing. Wake-up, be alert and look for what’s right instead of focusing on what’s wrong.

2. Get Dressed – Once again, this applies beyond just the physical. Are you clothed in the right mindset? Does your attitude fit the occasion? Does your disposition look good on you? Make sure that you are wearing an attitude that fits you and is appropriate for where you are going. Just like your clothes, you want to make sure that the attitude you are wearing each day fits you and looks good on you. Your attitude can be too tight or too big just like your clothes.

3. Plan the Day – Don’t just be reactive, make sure you are being proactive about your days. Obviously plans can and will change, but without them you have no direction. Be deliberate and intentional about what you want to happen each and every day. The one agenda point that I recommend show up on your to-do-list every day is to Make-A-Difference! When you have a meaningful purpose for “why” you do what you do, the resources for “how” you do it become a lot more accessible.

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