Calling all Catholics! When was the last time you confessed your sins? Are you looking for a way to get religion back into your life? Apple’s trademarked tag-line, “there’s an app for that”, really has proven to hold true. Confession: A Roman Catholic App was created by Little iApps in response to Pope Benedict XVI’s 44th and 45th World Communications Day messages. His Holiness realizes that technology is the way of the world and his hope is to combine the digital age with religion to benefit humanity.

Keep in mind that this app does not take the place of traditional confession. You still have to go to a priest for absolution but this app can come in handy, especially if you are new to the Rite of Penance or have been away from it for a while. It will lead you through an “Examination of Conscience” to help you recognize your sins by offering suggestions, things you may not have considered, such as have you been involved in superstitious practices? I am Catholic and superstitious so what does that mean for me? Another post for another day I guess. At any rate, the app walks you through the 10 Commandments. You can pick a commandment and choose your sins accordingly. What to do if your particular sin is not listed? No worries. You can add your own to the list! The creators made this application customizable to your needs. Now that doesn’t mean you can go buck wild so whatever ideas you had in mind, you may want to reconsider. This nifty app is also password protected so rest assured that prying eyes won’t be able to see what you have been up to.

I think Little iApps was right on when they created this application. It’s a confidence booster through the confession process and it helps to bridge the gap between religion and the age of technology. It’s creative and according to the reviews I have read; it is fun to use.

Confession: A Roman Catholic App is now available on iTunes for $1.99. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Because of the great response, Little iApps is considering an application for Android users as well.

Check it out. Even the Roman Catholic Church is keeping up with the times. Shouldn’t you?

Image Source: Little iApps