College AdmissionsIn the competitive landscape of college admissions (plenty of students get waitlisted and hold out hope that they’ll make it into an exclusive university. But in reality, not many students make it from waitlist to campus at the U.S.’s top institutions. Along with college admissions comes student loans…and debt. The stats are a little scary — including the fact that there are as many living college grads with degrees as there are people carrying student loan debt. Millennials are hoping they don’t become yet another sad debt statistic) (WSJ, reg required) (DailyBeast)

Gleeks, get ready to scream like tween girls (as “Glee” cast members will soon be singing songs from One Direction and Selena Gomez. Sadly, neither the band nor Selena will make a guest appearance, but we’re sure fans will be tuning in to sing along. “Glee” fans can also get excited about the “Dirty Dancing” remake, which will have the show’s co-creator and exec producer, Brad Falchuk, on board as screenwriter) (Teen) (NY Mag)

iPad = tablet for many consumers (who are using the term generally to refer to any type of tablet, as they do with the brand names like Google and Xerox. We witnessed this very phenomenon over Christmas when a young family member was excited to unwrap an “iPad,” as he called it, which was actually a Nook) (Yahoo!)

Many industries are counting on Millennials for the future (but before they come calling, they need to understand how this generation is different. For luxury marketers, that means dealing with brand scrutiny, inclusive exclusivity, and brand stories that reference Millennial values) (Mashable)

If you thought the Harry Potter series was done, Pottermore is proving that theory wrong (selling more than $1.5 million in e-books in just three days. Clearly, fans are re-reading the books now that they can easily carry them wherever they go) (AllThingsD)

Even in an industry like rap that’s a little controversial (the artists are marketers working on their own brands. Lil’ John shares how he stays current on all varieties of music, uses social media to establish a personal connection with fans, and how his stint on reality TV helped him realize that he’s tougher than he thought) (Forbes)

One of our few complaints about “The Hunger Games” movie is that (the muttations weren’t as fear-inducing as they were in the book. Ravenous dogs with human eyes…terrifying! Generic scary mutts…meh. Which is why we’re excited to see the original concept art for the film) (Crushable)