A Florida citizen said that Casey Anthony’s jailmate lost a child in a swimming pool accident eerily similar to the one being used by the defense. Prosecutors assert that Anthony, 25, suffocated her two-year-old using duct tape on June 16, 2008, then disposed of the body in a nearby wooded area. The defense said that Caylee drowned in the family’s swimming pool, prompting a cover-up by the family.

Investigators spoke with the jailed woman, who said that she had lived in the same room with Anthony for five days in June 2009. The woman did not speak directly with Anthony but may have spoken about the incident during this time.

Casey’s former jailmate’s toddler son accidentally drowned in the family’s swimming pool in 2007. His body was found by the grandfather after the child had already died. Similarly, the child’s grandfather discovered the boy’s body.

Research Scientist and Forensic Anthropologist Arpad Vass said that massive amounts of chloroform were found in Anthony’s car, adding that “chloroform does decrease over time, not increase,” which does not bode well for Anthony since she had searched for the term “chloroform” on her personal computer.Forensic experts testified that DNA evidence also decreases over time.

Police computer forensic expert Sandra Osborne said June 8 that Anthony recovered the “chloroform” Google searches on the Anthony’s computer, adding that the history for those searches had been deleted.