google calicoGoogle Glass. Project Loon. Self-driving cars. Google’s “moonshot” projects often seem entirely impossible at first glance, but more often than not, Google ends up producing a remarkably innovative product. Take Google Glass, for example. Although Glass is not yet widely available, it has attracted widespread attention as a unique, innovative approach to modern technology.

The most recent moonshot project is known as Calico. In September, Google announced that it would be launching this new company in order to conduct research on the subject of health, specifically the concerns of aging. In fact, the purported goal of Calico is to find ways to actually extend the lifespan of humans.

The Story Behind Calico

Although we still don’t know much about Calico, Google has confirmed that Arthur D. Levinson will be the CEO of the company. Under Levinson’s guidance, Calico will study healthcare and aging. In particular, Calico will look at the effects of diseases associated with aging. Presumably, this means that Calico will be searching for new ways to either cure or treat these diseases.

Since aging and age-related diseases affect every family, Levinson hopes that Calico will improve the lives of millions of people. By studying biotechnology and healthcare, Calico will work to enhance the quality of life for people suffering from various age-related challenges.

Don’t expect to see revolutionary breakthroughs from Calico any time soon, however. Google plans for the experts at Calico to focus on the crucial big picture topics that are extremely important in the field of aging. In fact, Google’s CEO, Larry Page, doesn’t expect Calico to be ready to release developments for 10 or 20 years. In short, Calico is focused on long-term solutions.

Live Long and Google

Unsurprisingly, the cynics appeared quickly after Google’s announcement about Calico. Within the SEO community, many people seem to think that Google is simply after the financial benefits that could be gained from Calico. People that live longer can perform more searches, see more ads, and click on more links.

Although I tend to think a little better of Google than all that, it is a surprising move on Google’s part. After all, Google is primarily in the search and online advertising business, which doesn’t exactly have a direct connection to health and aging. However, let’s not forget that past moonshot projects have seemed way out of left field as well. Google has proved that as a company, it has a wide range of interests.

Most likely, Calico won’t ever have much effect on the SEO community, despite the fact that it will be run by Google. However, it never hurts to pay attention to Google’s latest business endeavors since Google has such great influence in our industry!

Do you think that Calico actually has a shot of helping people to live longer?