Black Friday always brings excitement and just a little madness to the malls of America. This, of course, is for good reason – shoppers know that some items are deeply discounted on Black Friday, more so than they’ll be at any other time of the year. With this year’s Black Friday on November 29th, the day after Thanksgiving, here’s a quick list of items you should avoid buying, if possible, until that merry day of shopping mayhem.

1. Winter Wear

Sweaters, socks, hats, gloves and loads of other winter wear come out in October at the height of their cost. If you hold out and use your old stuff until Black Friday you can probably get a wardrobe update for a decent discount.

Many retailers push to make space for the next winter wear delivery to target Christmas. so look for Black Friday coupons or advertised sales that could fetch up to 50% off.

2. Laptops

You will really need some hockey gear to score a top of the line laptop on Black Friday. Laptops are one of the popular buys on Black Friday and draw considerable excitement. Just recently quad-core systems dropped in price to the same cost of a dual-quad system, so it’s expected that these prices will even drop further on Black Friday.

Keep an eye out for 15” Core i7 Haswell laptops which fell 20% from August and the Core i3- or Core i5 based Ivy Bridge laptops which are always a good choice. All of these models should offer substantial savings on November 29th. Do take note that it is near impossible to get a deal on Apple computers as their price usually remains the same year round.

3. Televisions

This is another electronic item that you should definitely wait to purchase. Televisions are constantly being upgraded with the latest and greatest technology, leaving scores of leftover models for discount.

LG and Samsung brands are reliable and often fly below the radar of more popular designs with some of the best deals out there. These include built in Wi-Fi and Smart TV technology along with upgraded sound systems. If you aren’t too concerned with having the newest model, you can certainly find excellent Black Friday deals on HD LCD designs and even some on the streamlined LED ones as well.

4. Video Games and Consoles

Unless you’re in the market for the newest console or video game, there’s no need to purchase current models until Black Friday. Look for deals like the Xbox 360 Holiday bundle which usually comes in around $300 for a 250GB console and two games.

However, if this season’s predictions are correct , that price might drop to about $190, which is a 37% savings. Previous generation packages and/or new games for pre-gen consoles offer the best deals on Black Friday, coming in at 50% to 80% off.

5. Appliances

Even though companies like Maytag, Whirlpool and LG roll out many of their new designs come October and November, many of their models are still included in Black Friday deals. No need to overpay now when you can wait and lock in some substantial savings of up to 42% on dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and more.

Interestingly, vacuums are expected to step up with great deals so avoid these too until you make your way through the Black Friday stampede. Hoover is a big contender here; however, you may want to avoid a Dyson vacuum as they often advertise big savings on their products in the spring.

If you can eke out a little patience, then, wait on purchasing these items until Black Friday and save yourself some hard earned coin. Also, stay away from orange colored housewares, candles, etc. until then too. During October and November, home goods in the color orange are marked up due to increased demand for fall themed merchandise.