The first day of Fall might technically hit on the 23rd this year, but you’d never know it from the temperatures here in Silicon Valley. Our typical Indian summer has hit in full force and is cranking up the heat – its 91 degrees outside as I write this! Nevertheless, the seasons are changing and so is fashion, and it looks like this season is all about boots. I have a confession to make: I’m a shoe fanatic.  Not quite like Imelda or even my friend Eliska Johnson, but I do love booths; so, even though it’s sweltering outside, I thought I’d check out some of the biggest names in boots this week.

For a look at the social media buzz on boots, I tapped in, once again, to the NetBase Insight Workbench. Though it’s sometimes a struggle putting together the brands for these Brand Passion Indices, narrowing this topic down was the really difficult part. Ultimately, I decided to go with everyone from a certain Australian footwear giant to the funky, edgy styles of Steve Madden, and managed to focus in on these seven brands: UGGs, Minnetonka, Ferragamo, Cole Haan, Nine West, Frye and Steve Madden.

In this graphic, the amount of chatter about a brand is indicated by the size of the bubble, while the placement of the bubble shows
both the sentiment and passion intensity.

Despite being one of the last people on the planet yet to own a pair of UGGs, I wasn’t surprised to see that the Australian brand had
dominated the share of buzz, with over 96% of the overall chatter.  I mean, everyone I know has a pair or two! What I did find surprising, however, was that UGGs generated the lowest Passion Intensity score and the lowest Net Sentiment score of all of the brands – 65 and 68, respectively. Verbatim surfaced about the brand indicated that this may be because, while the brand makes sense for its utility and comfort, it’s not exactly leading the pack with its design and style. Also, online consumers complained about the high prices of the sheepskin-lined boots.

Ugg boots are very durable

 UGG Bailey Button feature a soft foam insole and a genuine sheepskin lining

UGGs are usually very expensive since they have real sheepskin on the inside

Ugg boots is extremely expensive

Damn it UGG boots are pricey!

When it comes to generating enormous amounts of passion from its online fans, Steve Madden came out on top with a Passion Intensity score of 98. From my own experience as well as from reading the verbatim that the Workbench found about the funky iconic brand, it’s not surprising that people just LOVE Steve Madden’s edgy designs – online consumers raved about his comfortable, stylish and versatile line of boots.

For over 20 years, Steve Madden has been delighting shoe lovers (like my THREE daughters), with his chic, fun, funky, stylish and extremely well made shoes and boots

If you are searching for the perfect winter footwear then Steve Madden Boots may have the exact style that you are looking for

Steve Madden’s Brio is the perfect boot for all occasions 

Steve Madden Axee boots are one of the more popular boots around right now and they are amazing if you ask me!

And finally – a new personal favorite of mine: Minnetonka. I too love this line, my fringy boots are so fun, I’ve even bought some for my daughters. Despite having a fraction of the chatter, Minnetonka generated the highest Net Sentiment score, with an 89, and was right behind Steve Madden with a mighty Passion Intensity of 97. The brand renowned for its comfortable moccasins is clearly a beloved brand, and online consumers couldn’t say enough great things, commending the brand for its high quality, high comfort and high style.

I totally love my Fringe Minnetonka Boots!!!!

I adore minnetonka boots too!

I am loving fringe boots right now from Minnetonka

Minnetonka Boots are not only beautifully stylish, but so comfortable it’s like wearing slippers and made with the same expert quality as the Minnetonka Moccasins 

I can’t see how anyone would rate these Minnetonka boots less then a 5 star. They are in season, celebrities are photographed in them, and they are actually high quality genuine leather! 

Between these boots and TV premieres, it’s been quite an intro to Fall! Next time, I’m revisiting one of my (and my children’s) favorites: Halloween Candy! Check out last year’s analysis, and let me know if there is any candy you’re dying to analyze this year.