It seems that retailers (and shoppers) are looking for more than doorbusters at 4am on Black Friday. The data has been showing us that shoppers might be moving away from the early (and in some cases, very early) morning mobs. Indeed, the focus has shifted somewhat to Cyber Monday in recent years. In a study conducted last month, 41% of consumers said they would participate in Black Friday deals and 57% said they would participate in Cyber Monday. Additionally, consumers said they are likely to spend less this year on Black Friday and more on Cyber Monday.

But while many retailers are offering deals on Thanksgiving Day this year (which seems to be borderline sacrilegious to some patriots), there is also an upward trend in retailers offering “Black Friday deals” before the weekend begins entirely. For instance, The Home Depot is currently running an ad saying that you don’t have to wait until Black Friday to get the deals because they’re in store now (insinuating perhaps, that the price is always good there). Perhaps this will be an emerging trend and perhaps, still, as Forbes reports, it’s just a new fight among retailers to see who can begin their sales the earliest. One can be certain, however, that the infamous Black Friday deal may be morphing before our very eyes.

How will this data affect your retail marketing decisions in the coming week?