Making your own soda comes with plenty of advantages: you can create your own flavors, it’s cheaper than buying it in a store, and there’s no lugging around cans and bottles that you bought in bulk to save money. That’s the pitch of the SodaStream Genesis, and when you consider that your homemade soda can be less sugary (and therefore healthier) than store-bought brands, along with the fact that the machine itself takes no batteries or plumbing, it seems like a great investment if you drink a lot of soda, or have someone on your Christmas list who does.

The SodaStream Genesis lists for $99.95. But with some creative hacks, you can get one for less. Here’s how to score the best SodaStream Genesis holiday deals.

The best buys

Best Buy has the SodaStream on sale for $79.99, which is a good deal to begin with. But enter the code “HOLIDAY20OFF” when you check out online at and get another 20% off, a total savings of $40. This easy hack is a no-brainer.

Work just a little harder by doing your Best Buy shopping through, and you can save another 5%. Just start by visiting the rewards mall, then head over to the Best Buy link. Follow the directions above the link and your final price for the SodaStream is $56.99

Walmart has a medium-level hack, for those who don’t mind putting in bit more effort. Sign up for a credit card at and spend at least $75 the day you’re approved, and they’ll credit you back $25 on your statement. Go to the cash-back website and get 5% back, bringing the total cost of the machine to $69.99.

If you’ve got an American Express card, sync it to your Twitter and Tweet using #AmexJCP. Now go online and buy the SodaStream at and you’ll get a $10 credit for your purchase on your statement.

You’ve got mail

Sign up to receive e-mail offers from Bed Bath & Beyond and you’ll get a one-time certificate good for 20% off any item in the store. That easy hack brings your SodaStream down to $79.99. Tack on another 5% in savings by clicking over to, a college savings website, and then to Bed Bath & Beyond. Now your new machine is $75.99.

Easy money has the Genesis on sale for $79.99, which as stated above, is a good price. And there’s nothing else to it. Just go to the site and place your order. Shipping is free and you won’t have to pay sales tax, unless you live in Missouri. Hacks don’t get any easier than that.

And speaking of easy, has a deal for you too. Input the code “BESTFRIENDS” when making your purchase and you’ll enjoy $10 off instantly.

Fizzy math

Keep in mind that when you buy a SodaStream, you’re going to have to also purchase some soda-making supplies: flavors (if you don’t make your own), carbonators and carbonating bottles. These are ongoing costs, so saving money upfront with creative hacks is a good idea. Fortunately, some of the easiest hacks are also the best SodaStream Genesis deals.

SodaStream image via Flickr.