A Barbie Dreamhouse is one of the ultimate holiday gifts for children. This fabulous three-story dollhouse is equipped with everything a young kid needs to let her imagination run free. No detail is spared in this six-room house, complete with two elevators, appliances that make realistic sounds when touched, and other furnishings.

If your child is a Barbie fan, she’ll spend countless hours having adventures with her dolls in this incredible Dreamhouse.

Best Ways to Save on Barbie Dreamhouse

Why pay full price on a Barbie Dreamhouse when you can score great discounts? Try these four ways to get discounts so deep you’ll have extra money to add a few Barbie dolls to your gift:

  • Open a Store Credit Card (on a Saturday): Opening a Toys R Us credit card gets you an automatic 15% off that day’s purchases. However, the store also gives shoppers 10% discount for using their store credit card to pay for purchases on Saturdays, which you can stack with the 15% discount. Don’t forget to remind the cashier about the 10% discount, as it does not automatically deduct from your total. The Dreamhouse is already on sale for $169.99, down from the list price of $179.99, bringing the final price to $130.04.
  • Create a Toys R Us Baby Registry: Create a baby registry on and wait about 10 weeks to get a 10% completion coupon. Go through, to receive an additional 6% discount, then purchase the Dreamhouse off your registry at The Dreamhouse is currently selling for $169.99, but your savvy shopping techniques will earn you a price of just $143.81.
  • Shop from a Toys R Us Wish List to Earn: If you created a new wish list or edited an existing one to include a Barbie Dreamhouse from 11/1/2013-11/27/2013, purchase it from the wish list itself and receive a $10 gift card. Go through first to get an additional 6% cash back. As the Dreamhouse is currently selling for $169.99, this will bring the grand total down to $150.39.
  • Join Ebates and Shop at If you’ve never used Ebates, sign up for an account and get 3% cash back by going through the site to make your purchase. As an added bonus, you’ll also get a $10 Walmart gift card (or another store) with your first $25 purchase. The Barbie Dreamhouse is currently selling for $159.99, but with all your Ebates savings, you’ll get it for just $145.49.

The Barbie Dreamhouse is one of the hottest items for girls currently on the market, so much so that this adorable toy is currently sold out at many major retailers, including Target,, Meijer and more. Many other stores still have the item in stock, but are selling it at a premium price. For example, Sears is offering it for more than $350 and sellers are offering them on Amazon from $350 to more than $900.

However, you don’t have to break the bank to make a special little girl’s eyes light up with a Barbie Dreamhouse she’ll play with for years to come. Be sure to check out these toy safety tips to ensure your little ones play safely this holiday season!

Barbie & Kids image courtesy of Shutterstock.