Many iPhone users found themselves with a predicament on their hands this past weekend.  The new year brought a new glitch in the Apple iPhone’s alarm clock feature.  Those who planned on waking to a single wake-up rather than a recurring wake-up experienced alarm failure on January 1 and 2.  A solution is currently being developed and according to Bloomberg reports, the issue should be resolved by Monday.

This 2011 glitch was said to affect iPhones running Apple’s iOS 4.0 operating system.  This also includes older versions of the phone that have this software downloaded onto it.  The cause of this problem is unclear, as well as the number of affected users.

The problem marks the third alarm clock glitch for the Cupertino, California-based company.  In September of 2010, Apple iPhone users in the Southern Hemisphere had their alarms go off one hour early.  In November of 2010, many users had alarm clock problems due to Daylight Savings Time.