The American tech giant Apple Inc. has been crowned once again as the world’s most environment-friendly tech company this year, which is attributed to its commitment and worldwide operations on renewable energy, according to the latest Clicking Clean Report from Greenpeace.

Apple’s title ‘the greenest tech company’ has been remained after Greenpeace’s report grades some of the world’s top tech companies for their ‘green’ performance in terms of energy transparency, renewable energy commitments and deployment, and energy efficiency. The report indicates that 100% of the Apple’s U.S. operations and 87% of its global operations are run on renewable energy, beating other tech rivals including Amazon, Facebook, Google, HP, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Yahoo etc.

Apple’s commitment to climate change, renewable resources, finite resources, and toxins can be seen from its 2015 Environmental Responsibility Report, which also suggest that Apple emitted 34.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions during the 2014 fiscal year, with 24.8 million metric tons resulting from manufacturing, 7 million metric tons coming from product usage, and the rest divided between facilities, transportation, and recycling.

Commenting on the findings, Greenpeace points out that “Apple continues to be the most aggressive in powering its data center operations with renewable energy. Despite continued rapid growth, Apple appears to have kept pace with its supply of renewable energy, maintaining its claim of a 100% renewably powered cloud for another year, followed by Yahoo, Facebook and Google with 73%, 49% and 46% clean energy respectively. Greenpeace found that Amazon’s current investments would deliver an energy mix of 23% renewable energy for its operations.”