Apple has just acquired, a service that provides information on where to watch TV shows via traditional TV providers or online. The latest acquisition is another possible step towards Apple’s long awaited plans to revolutionize the TV industry. was an iOS app that provided an overview of content available to watch via cable TV providers, streaming video services, and digital video stores. The app also allowed users to manage their content, and integrate social networking to see what their friends are watching. The deal according to VentureBeat, was worth between $1 million and $1.5 million.

The growth of streaming services has given consumers a wide variety of options, but finding the shows you want to watch can be a challenge. offers a service that could potentially centralize all relevant programming information and make it easily accessible for consumers. With a service such as this, Apple could clearly differentiate itself from its competitors when it decides to enter the streaming TV market.

Although Apple declined to comment on the reasons behind the acquisition, their purchase could indicate Apple’s future TV plans and the role’s technology plays in it.