We can hardly wait for ‘The Hunger Games’ movie, which hits theaters in less than 100 days (and to celebrate this momentous occasion, Lionsgate launched an online scavenger hunt to release the film’s newest poster. 100 puzzle pieces were dispersed across the Web and fans had to find them all and put together the pieces. The Internet’s been buzzing since yesterday afternoon when the first fan revealed the poster of Katniss walking into the arena along with her and Peeta’s faces on-screen. Lionsgate is right; the world will indeed be watching on March 23rd! In other “Hunger Games” news, check out these sketches from famous fashion designers showing their interpretations of Katniss’s fire dress) (MTV) (InStyle)

Teens can’t stop texting and they send more than 100 messages a day (according to new data from Nielsen. Let’s hope they — particularly teen girls who text more than boys — are on an unlimited texting plan! Older Millennials, however, aren’t sending as many messages; 18-24 year olds send 64 texts a day and 25-34 year olds send about 33 a day) (Forbes)

As 2011 comes to an end, Facebook calculated the topics mentioned most frequently on the site (and — surprise surprise — “Harry Potter” and Rihanna top the list. But besides pop culture posts, Facebook users were discussing the death of Osama bin laden and Steve Jobs, as well as the Super Bowl and Casey Anthony. Look at the full memology report, which reveals everything from the most popular global issues and statuses to the top actors, TV shows, and films) (Hollywood Reporter)

Parents value TV time with their kids and 60% consider it a way to bond with their teens (according to recent research from the Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing and C+R Research. They presumably watch together because it’s an easy way to connect and parents can simultaneously monitor what their kids are seeing. In recent Ypulse research, we also found that Millennials watch TV with their family more than their friends or significant other, but they watch TV alone the most often since they do so on other mediums in their room while still socializing via text, IM, or social media) (Kidscreen)

Golf is getting its sexy back now that Justin Timberlake has been named Creative Director of Callaway (the leading golf brand. We were a little surprised by this too since golf is more popular among older generations than it is among Millennials, but thanks to Tiger Woods’ good and bad publicity, Gen Y has become more interested in the sport. And if there’s anyone who can give golf more of the cool factor, its Justin Timberlake!) (MediaBistro)

Millennials played a large part in helping Obama get elected President in 2008 (but now, although many still support him, they don’t think he’ll win again according to a poll by Harvard’s Institute of Politics. Fully 36% of 18-29 year olds think he’ll lose his bid for reelection and 32% are unsure. Moreover, less than half of Millennials who voted for him in ’08 think he’ll win again in 2012. Yet Gen Y is nearly split on how they think he’s done in office with 46% feeling he’s done a good job and 51% disapproving of him) (FreeRepublic) (Fox News)

Ready for more Russell Brand? The comedian/actor/singer will be hosting an unscripted late-night show on FX starting in the spring (where he’ll unleash his crazy antics and discuss news, pop culture, and more in front of a live audience. We bet this will be a big hit among Millennials! In other entertainment news, Nicholas Sparks’ timeless story The Notebook, which is a favorite among Gen Y, is headed to Broadway. According to recent Ypulse recent, Millennials consider it one of their top movies of all time so we expect it to do well on stage too. We just aren’t sure what the music will consist of…) (HuffPo) (Vulture)

Microsoft gets Millennials and its Xbox Kinect is one of their favorite gaming devices (but if you need further proof of how the brand understands Gen Y, watch its latest commercial starring Selena Gomez and YouTube phenomenon Christina Grimmie. Besides its celebrity appeal, it resonates with viewers since it’s part commercial and part webisode providing entertainment and explaining that kids should be carefree and have fun despite their demanding lives. Speaking of ads, be sure to watch the top holiday commercials. The usual suspects – Macy’s, Sears, Target, and Best Buy performed best, and in particular, ads with a cause or ones that promoted a specific product were most effective) Cambio) (AdAge)

And finally for a little Friday fun…(people aren’t the only ones addicted to gaming on their phones…this lizard is too! Watch as it plays Ant Crusher on a smartphone using its tongue; we bet it will get a high score in no time! But if reptiles aren’t your thing, watch this polite bear wave to passerbyers) (YouTube)