Angry Birds SpaceThe Angry Birds Space app has flown to the top of the charts (in more than 28 countries just hours after its release! We bet the promo video that was filmed in space is partially responsible for the games’ rocket speed success. In other Angry Birds news, the feathery flock is also getting a few themed “activity parks” in Europe, and Rovio hopes to expand more in the future) (InsideMobileApps) (FOX)

Pinterest is enormously popular, even in the classroom (as teachers find creative ways to incorporate it into assignments, encourage collaboration, and embrace visual learning) (Mashable)

Happy Hunger Games! (We can’t believe it’s finally here! In yet another smart marketing move for the movie, Fandango sent subscribers an email from President Snow directing them to watch the film, as a decree from the Capitol to citizens of Panem. The world is indeed watching with the film raking in $19.7 million in midnight showings — the highest ever for a non-sequel, and it’s estimated to earn $135 million during opening weekend!) (Rolling Stone) (Entertainment Weekly) (Box Office Mojo)

Speaking of popular YA novels, the trailer for Stephenie Meyer’s ‘The Host’ has arrived (and it looks promising — and thankfully nothing like “The Twilight Saga.” But if aliens taking over Earth isn’t your thing, try these books that have potential to reach ‘The Hunger Games’ heights!) (Vulture) (THR)

Although SXSW is over (there are still plenty of lessons to learn from it about marketing to Millennials. Check out how luxury brands used the event to attract young shoppers in cool and chic ways) (FMM)

We’re looking forward to MTV’s new shows (including “The Heights” which is a “Real World” meets “The Hills” set in NYC, and “This Is How I Made It” about stars’ rise to fame. The line up is sure to be a hit among Millennial fans of the network and helped it reach 100 Million Facebook likes as Ad Age explains. The network is also working with General Motors to help “MTV-ify” the brand and attract young buyers) (Deadline) (NY Times, reg. required)

And finally for a little Friday fun… (in honor of the ‘Hunger Games,’ check out this parody video for “We Found Love in the Hunger Games” of Rihanna’s hit song. The lyrics are catchy, but it’s kinda weird seeing powerful scenes like the Reaping set to a party beat)