As we mentioned yesterday, it looks like Foursquare just recently crossed the 7 million user mark. This is a strong milestone as Foursquare continues its march to 10 million users.

Let’s take a look at some just how fast Foursquare is growing.

On January 14, Foursquare crossed 6-million registered users. It took just 44 days for Foursquare to grow from 5-million to 6-million users.

On February 20, Foursquare crossed 7-million registered users. That’s just 37 days to go from 6-million to 7-million users. More than 27,000 people per day signed up to use Foursquare during that time period.

If you thought Foursquare was growing fast before, it’s only growing faster now. Here’s a visual look at just how fast Foursquare is growing:

When can we expect Foursquare to reach 10-million registered users? If Foursquare maintains its current signup rate of 27,000 new users every day, Foursquare will hit 10-million users on approximately May 5.

What do you think? Can Foursquare continue to grow this quickly? Has Facebook Places helped or hurt Foursquare? Let us know in the comments!

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