Amazon’s new Kindle Fire looks sleek and cool (and at a mere $199 complete with Amazon’s Cloud storage (!), it bests Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color in cost and competes on functionality. We agree that it’s no iPad killer, however, because of its mere 8GB of memory and lack of 3G. But we wonder how long it will take Android hackers to jailbreak the device of it’s native software to turn it into a fully customizable Android tablet, as has happened with the Nook Color. The Fire wasn’t the only new Kindle revealed today. The standard Kindle has been redesigned and got a new low price tag of $79, and two new touchscreen Kindles hit the market for $99 and $149, with and without 3G, respectively) (Cnet) (Ars Technica) (Amazon)

Billboard’s annual list of music’s hottest minors, aka top acts under age 21 (includes many of the usual suspects, topped off by Justin Bieber — no surprise there. Five of the acts on the list are Disney stars, from Miley Cyrus to Selena Gomez, and many of the others got their break on reality shows like “American Idol” — we’re looking at you, Scotty McCreery. We were excited to see Mindless Behavior on the list after they won our hearts performing at this year’s Youth Mega Mashup!)

We dig Dove’s new ‘Fresh Spin’ campaign (featuring three hip young women DJs to grab the attention of women aged 18-34. Dove hooked up with MTV for the campaign, promoting it at the recent MTV Video Music Music Awards and adding fun video content to Deodorant never seemed so cool) (NYTimes)

With the current state of employment in America, many Gen Yers (are freelancing, working independently, and starting their own businesses. And for those who don’t enjoy working from home, there’s a variety of share office space options to get the collegial spirit of a regular office) (Trendcentral)

One of the most interesting stats from this infographic (about online video viewing is that 92% of 18-29 year olds watch video on sharing sites like YouTube. Overall, use of online video has skyrocketed in the past five years. Speaking of streaming video, Millennials are far more likely than their older peers to watch videos via their mobile phones) (Mashable) (eMarketer)

New social media channel Youtoo (is giving everyone their 15 seconds of fame…on TV! (The new social site allows users to upload videos in two categories, “Fame Spots” in which they talk about a particular topic or show, and “Social Shout Outs” in which they can broadcast their thoughts. The videos are then shared online, via mobile, and on the net’s TV channel available in 15 million homes) (Social Times)