College is a wonderful time, but classes can be very challenging. In fact, a lot of people get behind and don’t do as well as they would like for whatever reason. The way I have found success in my own endeavors is through little things that I call “kindergarten decisions.” I don’t mean to suggest that I have all the answers to college woes, but I do think that I have found a little formula that will help you on your way to college success.

In kindergarten, you always get to know the teacher. My kindergarten teacher was a very saintly woman. I say that because she put up with my antics and didn’t ever lose her patience with me. She taught me how to spell, draw, make tasty snacks and play nice with other kids.

Although you should know all that by the time you get to college (and you’d be surprised how many people forget those lessons), getting to know your teacher seems to not be a priority anymore. If you get to know your teacher, at least in my experience, you are a lot more likely to succeed in the class. Once you get to know the teacher, they start to understand how you think and interpret things. After they know that, they can better help you learn and succeed. I have had a few professors that I could take previous exams to and go over them question-by-question. As I did so, I would sometimes get points back for my analysis. Professors have also recommended me for jobs, internships and other opportunities. The support of a professor is invaluable while going through a class.

In kindergarten, you had to do your homework before you went out to play. My teacher made sure that we did our math before we went out to recess. I was never very good at math, but she started math when I was most alert, and it helped me retain more.

In college, kids often have their first taste of freedom and don’t know how to manage it. Some kids party every night and neglect their studies because they’re “smart enough to do it later.” Some may be able to get by that way, but I don’t recommend that you try that. Why? Once you graduate, what preparation tactics have you learned? Put something of until the night before it’s due and crank out whatever you can. You won’t keep a job long if that’s how you go about things, guaranteed.

In kindergarten, we were taught how to make healthy snacks. My teacher had different stations set up for us to make different types of snacks, and play different types of games. It was my favorite time of day.

While in college, plan ahead for meals. Just think about what you want to have for lunch and breakfast the next day and make sure you have all of it ready. If you want a sandwich for lunch, make sure that you make it before you go to bed. That way, you have lunch the next day, and it’s far healthier and cheaper than fast food.

There are others, but I think you get the idea. Common sense can go a long way, especially in school. So, if you don’t forget those lessons, then you’ll be just fine.

Author: Jordan Freis is a freelance writer for  My Colleges and Careers helps people determine if an online education is right for them and helps them understand which colleges are the best online colleges for them and their specific situation.