Advertising conferencesGlobal digital advertising industry is, obviously, connected to the development of Internet technologies. It’s also incredibly dependent on these technologies and would be impossible to evolve further outside the Web (desktop and mobile). Yet, there’s one aspect, in which online advertising goes OFFline, that is – various ad events and conferences, gathering numerous reputable experts, analysts, company owners and, certainly, media representatives as well.

Even though all magic’s happening online, there’s also something uniquely essential about live ad events, where the most respectful specialists in the industry usually share their outlook and vision about the market, its major trends and prospects.

Even though tens if not hundreds of versatile conferences are annually held in different parts of the world, there are several advertising events, which tend to attract most attention.


Being one of the world’s top advertising events, Ad:tech conferences are held on the annual basis in different countries, from the USA to Asia, etc. Participation in the event is generally considered a matter of reputation and prestige for any company, working in the industry, including well-known brands and fresh startups on the market, not to mention the obvious benefits it can bring (expansion of client base, exchange of ideas in discussions and, certainly, an ability to present one’s company to the whole advertising world).

IAB Events

Being one of the most reputable online ad organizations, IAB is also known for its live events – annual IAB MIXX Conferences, for example, during which the experts from all over the world gather in one place to discuss new cutting-edge technologies, current and foreseen tendencies in the field. Additionally, a lot of meetings with already loyal partners and potential companies’ clients are also arranged during it.

The only peculiarity, which should be taken into account beforehand, is that IAB MIXX Conference explicitly permits participation for IAB members, so in case a company hasn’t joined the organization yet, attendance and participation will be impossible.

Participation: Clues for Beginners

Unlike it may seem at first glance, taking part in popular online ad conferences requires a lot of time, money and efforts from the side of every participant. Not only should one take care of in-time registration procedures, but also prepare the company stand (if space is rented) and pre-arrange meetings with potential clients in advance.

The preparation process usually begins 2-3 months before the actual conference, so that there’s enough time to handle all aspects properly (e.g. book tickets and accommodation for company members from other cities or countries, choose and order furniture, create design for the company stand, etc.). The participation in such events should also be included in the company’s annual marketing budget, so that the expenditures don’t become the shocking news, when the payment due date comes.

According to Mr. Ruin, the CEO of Epom ad serving company, for instance, even though its representatives have already taken part in numerous advertising events, the preparation process hasn’t become much simpler. “You always wish to present something new and exclusive for clients and partners, which can’t but require a lot of time and efforts from the whole company team. However, such creative challenges are definitely worth taking”, he says.