1.    You do not have to have healthcare insurance to receive significant discounts on prescription medications.   RxCut® Plus, the Equalizer in healthcare can save you up to 75 percent on the retail price of prescription medications.  Click here to find out how much you can save.

2.    Generic insurance prescription copays, even low ones, will not always provide you with the lowest possible price.  If you pay a copay for your generic prescriptions you are always saving money…Right?  Unfortunately not always….

Over 210 million Americans receive drug benefits through their employer and often pay a copay for a generic drug that is higher than the retail price and the RxCut® Price.  The RxCut® price on 21 of the 25 most frequently processed generic drugs, for card users, has been less than a generic insurance copay of $10 or more. The RxCut® Equalizer Card guarantees that card users are receiving the absolute lowest possible price on their prescription drugs, whether it’s the insurance copay, the pharmacy retail price, or the RxCut® Price.  Click here to find out your RxCut® Price

3.    Your pharmacy is just following instructions:  Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), third party administrators of prescription benefits, require pharmacies, by contract, to charge prescription copays, established by the employer or group for medications even if the copay is higher than the retail price and the RxCut® Price.  Register your free RxCut® Plus card with your pharmacist and always ask, “What’s my RxCut® Price?”, to ensure that you’re always paying the lowest possible price every time.   Find out your RxCut® Price Here.

4.    You can save on your prescription drug costs by requesting generics instead of brand name. 

Generic drugs are less expensive than Brand name drugs and are equal to the Brand in effectiveness. The Food and Drug Administration require that generic drugs have the same active ingredients as the brands name counterpart.  RxCut® savings are highest on generic drugs.  Check with your physician if Generics are a good choice for you.  Click here and use the pharmacy locator to find out your RxCut® Price.

5.    Pill Splitting can save you more than 50 percent on your prescription costs. 

By requesting your doctor to prescribe a higher strength of your medication, when available and then splitting the medication in half may lower your cost. You first need to find out if your medication is available in a higher dosage and if there will be any problems with splitting the tablets or caplets in half.  Drugs with an enteric coating, that are time-released, or drugs taken more often than once daily are not recommended for pill splitting.  Ask your physician about this option today.  

The Free RxCut® Plus healthcare discount program offers discounts of up to 75 percent on prescriptions and up to 50 percent on labs and imaging.  There is absolutely no cost to obtain or use the card.  The RxCut® Plus card is accepted at over 54,000 pharmacies across the US and Puerto Rico.  There is no enrollment of any kind.  Unlimited Free RxCut® Plus healthcare discount cards can be printed at http://www.bit.ly/rxcut.