One of the great things about national holidays is that they’re usually grounds for all kinds of approved debauchery, from midday drinks and naps to the gratuitous consumption of hot dogs, sweets, and anything appropriately themed — especially Labor Day, which is pretty much tailor-made for skipping work. But for some, even widely-observed holidays like this one don’t automatically mean a day of leisure (especially if you’re not located in the greater U.S.).

And so, for those of us spending the day enjoying spreadsheets instead of picnic spreads, here are 4 ways to celebrate Labor Day, anyway.

1. Have Yourself a Labor-y Lunch

Just because you’re at the office instead of the beach doesn’t mean you can’t eat like you’re at a holiday picnic. Pack or grab yourself some summer favorites, like potato salad, a slice of cherry pie, and a hamburger or two, then kick your feet up on the old desk and get grubbing. And hey, if your boss says you can bust out the Thirsty Thursday supply a little early, why not?

2. Go on a Break-Time Shopping Spree

Another great thing about Labor Day? The sales — and in 2013, the online sales, which mean you don’t even have to leave your desk to take advantage. Whether you’re after some discounted summer clothes, new furniture, or the latest and greatest mind mapping software, “summer savings” isn’t September’s most overused phrase for nothing. So, while you’re taking your afternoon coffee break, break out the wallet, too.

3. Plan Your Next Mini-Vacation

Okay, so maybe you’re not out day-drinking with the rest of the country, but don’t get mad — get planning. Find out the amount of vacation days you’ve racked up, assess your workload, and figure out a day when you can take your very own holiday. After all, it’s pretty likely that you’ll need one after a bunch of your friends go upload-crazy with their patriotic pics on Instagram. And if you don’t have paid vacation? I promise I won’t tell your boss that when you said “I have a cold” you really meant “I’m having a cold one.”

4. Get Cheesy With It and Celebrate Your Coworkers

Labor Day is all about acknowledging hard work, so why not say thanks to your lovely coworkers for all the things they do that make your job easier? Not everyone likes to admit how enjoyable a pat on the back is, but c’mon — everybody needs to know they’re appreciated at least once in awhile. So throw a “Thanks!” on a Post-It or bring in a box of cupcakes to let your fellow employees know that you’re grateful for what they do. Double the cool points if you happen to be a manager (hint, hint).