People in the communications world love the idea riding the wave on national events, but the challenge is knowing what content to post on the big day. Social listening takes the guess work out of messaging, so you’re able to create content that resonates with your supporters, customers, etc. Below are 3 core ideas to help you ride the Super Bowl wave so you aren’t dunking in the dark… unless you’re Oreo of course.

1. Audience Insights. Are They Fans?

The first question to figure out is if your people are generally fans and how they feel about the event. Unless you’ve done extensive polling on your members or use social listening, you’re making an educated guess.

Modern social listening takes the guess work of messaging, allowing you see what terms trend each day, week and month.

The example below shows that #superbowl is already trending four days out, so by game day, it will no doubt be the top trending term. This organization definitely has some football fans, so their base should be receptive to a fan oriented message that ties back to their work.

superbowl terms

What’s important to understand about the screenshot above, it’s only searching for the term #superbowl from people in that organization’s CRM and Twitter followers — not the whole Twitter universe.

If you instead find that your base generally aren’t fans, you can still ride the wave, but lead with a message for non-football folks like this:

Museum of Modern Art Invites Non-Super Bowl Fans to See Picasso

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 11.49.08 AM

2. Vibe Check That Great Idea

There’s a big difference between what a small group of people think sounds like a good idea and what your audience wants. Take the Seahawks social media fumble a few years ago. Before using a time-honored quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, they could run a vibe check on the hashtag #MLKDAY to see exactly how their fans were talking about it.


seahawks mlk tweet 2

3. Engage People During the Moment

Participate directly in the conversation, especially on Twitter, around key terms by responding to, liking, and sharing the best posts. A simple favorite or follow is nice, but a follow up thank you means more if someone has shared your content. Showing your peole that you are interested in what they’re talking about is only going to motivate them to want to help you later.

Keep your eye out for social media influencers and get their attention by giving them the same social love. This is a good way to nudge VIPs to share your content. Thank supporters for any shares.

If #Superbowl is blowing up in your CRM, and you have a campaign that makes a solid connection, pull up everyone who mentioned that terms and follow with an email about your campaign.

Your audience needs to feel an emotional connection with your organization in order to be invested in them, in order to cheer for them like they do a favorite team at the Superbowl.