Sometimes the biggest fighters come in the smallest packages, and you don’t need to be the size of the Incredible Hulk to be a superhero. Just ask Miles, aka Batkid. At 20 months old, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Now, at age 5, his cancer is in remission and he’s just finished his last round of chemo.

By all means, he’s already lived heroically, but when the San Francisco Bay Area’s Make-a-Wish Foundation learned that Miles’ wish was to be Batman, they started a plan in motion to make sure that he could live as a superhero, as well.

As more people across San Francisco caught wind of Miles’ wish, they began to volunteer to help him live out his dream.

The result is that San Francisco has transformed itself into Gotham City for the day, allowing Miles to travel throughout the city as Batkid, defeating villains and saving the day.

And it will totally restore your faith in humanity.

After receiving the key to the city, Batkid’s got a busy day ahead of him

The San Francisco Chronicle printed a special edition for the BatKid

Every Batman needs a Robin. Miles’ Robin is his little brother.

Batkid travels in style in the Batmobile

Looks like the Riddler is up to no good

There’s a damsel in distress on the tracks. Batkid to the rescue!

Seems like the whole town is out there supporting Batkid

(Who’s going to mind that traffic jam?)

People around the country have been showing support for Batkid — including this Make-a-Wish branch in Tennessee.