Business cards offer an exceptional opportunity to showcase your particular abilities, talents and unique selling points. However, in an age where securing a good career depends not only on having a good work ethic and an excellent CV, but strong personal branding, your business card design needs to help you make a powerful first impression. With advances in digital printing services and other technologies, the possibilities are almost endless. In this post, we look at 20 inspirational business cards that showcase the power of creativity.

1. Traditional with a twist: adding a simple scratch off panel to the front of your business card encourages your prospective client to engage with the information you need them to know.


2. Admittedly not one for the pocket, a business card like this one is sure to be a sweet surprise with your prospective client. The ideal marketing tool for catering companies, this is a unique and delicious way to be remembered.


3. Cheeky and with more than a little front, this plastic surgeon’s business card is sure to stand out from the masses.


4. Show how razor sharp your ideas are with an edgy business card that demands attention.

razor business card

5. Fed up of scrabbling for thin paper cards in the bottom of your bag? Opt for these wooden tiles. Taking your business cards into 3D territory is a great way to impress your prospective client.


6. Despite traditional business designs often leaning towards the smaller end of the scale, this design thinks big by using its moniker literally.

wet paper bag

7. One way to show prospective clients what a bright spark you are is by creating a little piece of technology to showcase your abilities.

bright spark

8. Inexpensive but impossible to ignore, these neon cut out business cards are sure to have clients raving about your unique style.

neon business card

9. Make sure your face is never forgotten by having your portrait on your business card. The perfect way to ensure a memorable first impression.


10. Personalise your pitch by planting a smacker on every card. A unique rubber stamp is a great and affordable way to build your brand.


11. Metal engraving is yet another way to make your mark when networking. This ingenious use of pet name tags is a brilliant way to ensure your business cards can’t be ignored.

name tags

12. Utilize your talents to showcase your unique selling points. A professional and pretty piece like this is guaranteed to get your details remembered.

Francesca Pasini

13. Building on the basic business card design, this publishing house has created a little cut out styled on its product. Fun, functional and just a little bit fantastical a book company like this would be well judged based on its cover.

The Creative Company

14. Break the rules and dispense with paper and card. It doesn’t just have to be advertisers and marketing companies who benefit from using more novelty ways to present their details.


15.Grow your business using clever gimmicks like this gardening company above. Make your business card into a living, thriving embodiment of the services you provide.

another bloomin' designer

16. Wake up and smell the coffee with a business card that provides clients with a strong image of exactly what services you offer. In a world of text heavy, square business cards, something like this will get people more energised than a double espresso.

java business card

17. Who says you have to be flat? Fun, novel and nostalgic, a business card like this isn’t likely to end up getting recycled any time soon.

lego business card

18. Business cards don’t have to be traditional. Capitalise on trends by leading your clients onto familiar ground.

google me business card

19. Get to grips with different media. This personal trainer gives his card character by imitating gym equipment.

Personal Trainer Business Card

20. Benefit from injecting a little humour into your card. Even serious lawyers are able to see the funny side of their services, as in this business card above.

James Mahon business card

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