The fight between ‘The Simpsons’ cast and Fox is finally over (after a long pay dispute that threatened to cancel the show. Viewers will enjoy two more seasons of the longest-running TV sitcom! Millennials are grateful for this decision — Ypulse research found that 43% of students were sad about the possibility that the show would end after 23 seasons, including 52% of guys) (NY Mag)

Netflix has reversed its decision (to split its services into two separate companies — one for streaming under its original name and a DVD-by-mail service called Qwikster. However, Netflix has abandoned Qwikster before it even started since it realizes this would make things “more difficult” for users. Clearly the company listened to customers’ numerous complaints! Yet we wonder what Millennials will think of Netflix after it caused so much confusion) (Mashable)

VH1 is growing up and reshaping itself (as a network for 25-34 year olds, which it refers to as “adultsters.” Hmmm, they might want to rethink that name… To grab this audience, VH1 is unveiling new programming next year such as “Aptitude Test,” which determines what jobs celebrities would have if they weren’t famous, and a reality show about rapper T.I. There’s also “House of Consignment” about selling designer duds on eBay, which is of course relevant in today’s digital-savvy society. But like many networks, VH1 is also using 90s nostalgia to hook its audience, with revamps of “Pop Up Video” and “Behind The Music”) (Adweek) (Marketwatch)

Millennials always want to have the latest gadgets (so we’re not surprised that over 1 million people pre-ordered the iPhone 4S in 24 hours. It may only be a refresh of the phone, not a complete new one as many hoped for, but clearly nothing can keep customers away from Apple devices. Speaking of which, we recently asked Millennials their opinion of Apple and 84% think the brand will still be a technology leader even though Steve Jobs passed away. They were greatly upset about Jobs’ death — many tweeting phrases like iSad and iCry when the news broke — and 70% feel that he was a hero to their generation. In other cell phone news, Everloop, the safe social network for tweens, launched EverText, a moderated system that ensures kids are safe when communicating via text. The 24-hour moderation service checks for inappropriate language and over-sharing of information and notifies parents. We think it’s helpful to have this service, but does technology like this allow parents to be too invasive?) (TechCrunch) (SocialTimes)

Readers who don’t like to wait between reading a book and seeing the film (will be happy with BeActive Entertainment’s solution. They’re creating a syndicated novel and web series on the Wattpad device, so text and video content is available simultaneously. This system seems inevitable for today’s generation who want instant access and digital integration whenever possible) (Publishing Trendsetter)

Coupons make consumers feel better about a brand (according to a recent study ass 88% of shoppers consider them brand-enhancing. Moreover, this same percentage says that coupons or coupon codes impact their purchase decisions. We’re not surprised as Millennials in particular appreciate coupons; in our Back to School Ypulse Report, which will be released later this month, 39% of students reported using coupons in stores for BTS shopping and 41% used them online. Stay tuned to Ypulse Research for this report) (BizReport) wants college students to ‘give a spit about cancer’ (and start a drive at their school to get their peers on the bone marrow registry list since 18-24 year olds are the best donors. Under this catchy campaign, the organization is asking students to collect cheek swabs. By starting a drive on campus, students can make a difference and help save lives!)