You’ve earned your accredited online degree, and you deserve many kudos for achieving your high goal. Make sure you frame and mount your distinguished degree in a visible place. Doing so will be a reminder that you’ve got what it takes to be a professional, whether you’re degree is in business or law.

There are so many reasons to feel proud of your online degree. First, you have had the intelligence to choose a mode of education that suited your lifestyle. Instead of letting the obstacles of the traditional classroom setting inhibit your education, you had the mindset of determination to not let those obstacles get in your way and found an alternative way to achieving a degree. The decision to pursue an online degree makes you a go-getter and a problem solver. Give yourself credit for not giving up on your education.

Contrary to what many believe, getting an online degree is no walk in the park. The required hours of work are equivalent to sitting in a classroom for instruction and lectures. In-depth research, term papers, required reading, examinations and handing in timely assignments were all part of the curriculum. Similar to classroom activities, you’ve probably had to participate with your fellow students on class topics using blackboard. You’ve put in the time and learned the skills and knowledge you need for your profession. Your online degree has been hard earned and is of the same high value as a brick and mortar degree. Pat yourself on the back for your achievement.

Even though you’ve probably completed your online work in comfy pajamas, you’ve still had to juggle with daily responsibilities to get it done. Raising kids, working jobs, cooking, cleaning and trying to have a social life were all a part of your daily activities and responsibilities. Yet, you’ve managed to prioritize and stick to the game plan. Certainly, it wasn’t easy. You can feel proud that even though there were tough days and you probably felt insane, you were able to regroup, organize and get it all done. Getting an online degree is an academic long-distance marathon, and you can feel proud that you’ve crossed the finish line.

You can feel proud every day that you’ve achieved an online degree. Make sure to take time to reflect on the tasks you’ve completed to achieve your worthy goal. Remember all the time you put into your term paper. Think of the in-depth research you completed to put together a first-class paper. During the process, you’ve developed critical and analytical skills that make you the fine professional you are today. Think about that tough exam that you studied long to pass. You had the discipline and intelligence to pass. These are the fine intrinsic attributes you implemented to earn your online degree. Be proud that you had the wherewithal as a person to reach your goal.

An online degree is an asset and an achievement. If you didn’t have it, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Make sure you take the time to be proud of it. After all, you’ve earned it.