The Olympics are being hosted in London this year, however, what exactly is the impact of the event being held there? In the last twelve years of the Olympics, more tickets were sold for London than any other Olympic event (8.8 million to be exact).

An average of 800,000 passengers on the busiest day are expected to use public transportation in London. Over 100 extra train services will be added each day to the regular timetable during the Olympic and Paralympic games to assist with all the attendees. That is 6.5 billion pounds spent on transport upgrades, with an expected final cost of 9.3 billion pounds. A fleet of 20 new four-carriage trains will also stop at four brand new step-free stations and fully refurbished existing stations.

But, how easy is it to get to London for this years Olympics? Heathrow anticipates 217,000 passenger at its busiest, 47,000 more than average. This means some passengers have had to wait 2-3 hours in immigration just to get into the country. With immigration alone, an extra 500 staff members are to be drafted to ease the congestion in the immigration halls. After all, most of the extra staff hired for assistance with the Olympics have only received basic training which could account for longer wait times.

Check out this infographic presented by Click Software to learn more about the impacts of the Summer 2012 Olympics on London.