New York City's Brooklyn Bridge Park

I was at Brooklyn Bridge Park this past Monday. It was the first really nice day of the new spring season so I wanted to be out.

I love heading to Brooklyn Bridge Park. Unfortunately, it was a bit sad to see many of the restaurants closed because of the damage from Hurricane Sandy. Then, I was in shock when the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory was completed gutted.

But thankfully they will be opened by the summer. And if you have not been — it is a must visit. Very yummy ice cream.

So as I continued to snap away. And walking past Jane’s Carousel and the Brooklyn Bridge — towards the beach. Which is not really a beach. It’s more of a beach-like area. And that is when I saw these red bricks.

The bricks were completely out-of-place. And breaking the pattern of these large grey rocks, which define the beach-area. My imagination began to run wild. Were the red bricks placed there — by kids playing or teenagers messing around or lovers simply enjoying a warm Monday afternoon?

Whatever the random case I needed to capture this image. With both the Brooklyn Bridge and Jane’s Carousel in the shot. It was not easy :-)

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What are your thoughts of these red bricks? Let me know.