If the road is calling you, or you’re interested in new experiences and cultures, why not find a travel job that will pay you while you satisfy your quest? Besides the opportunity to see new places, experience foreign cultures and enjoy unusual foods, travel jobs offer the chance to boost your self-confidence by asking you to reach beyond your comfort zone. Travel is a great way to augment your formal education, and a travel job could be the best way to accomplish it.

Top Travel Jobs That Can Expand Your Horizons

Some travel jobs require specific qualifications, while others are open to just about any English speaker. Do your homework and thoroughly research each opportunity, and then pack your suitcase and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!

1. English Teacher

From Japan to Italy, Haiti to Honduras, Thailand to Turkey, prospective English teachers can choose the country that suits their preferences for culture, location, and even weather. Teaching English abroad usually involves working for a language school, teaching native speakers the fundamentals of the English language. Qualifications vary, but you’ll improve your chances to compete with a bachelor’s degree and teaching certificate. Once you land your first international teaching position, you’ll likely learn about opportunities in other countries. So if your travel bug strikes again, you’ll be ready for your next adventure.

2. Travel Writer

Experienced and talented writers can see the world if they’re willing to write about it. Travel writing requires good journalism skills, seeking out stories and reporting thoroughly on a place, its people, food, culture and the twists that make it unique. Travel writing usually consists of freelance work, pitching story ideas to online and print publications, and then doing the writing, rewriting and editing required to prepare a piece for a reader’s discerning eye.

3. Correspondent

This career differs from travel writer in that the international correspondent may be employed by a major news outlet, such as an international newspaper or broadcast company. Correspondents cover more serious stories, and use their journalism skills to track down the interesting facets that will compel readers and gain loyal visitors and subscribers for their employers.

4. Travel Nurse

Travel nurses typically work for healthcare staffing agencies. They are sent out on short-term assignments to places where their skills are in demand. As you may expect, travel nurses spend their days caring for patients, coordinating care and administering medication – all the job duties of more stationary nurses. Schedules are usually very flexible, and many travel nurses enjoy the luxury of working as much or as little as they want.

5. Cruise Jobs

Every cruise ship has hundreds of crew members on board. From entertaining passengers to serving their meals, to teaching them how to snorkel, cruise lines offer a variety of career possibilities for just about any skill set. Not a fan of interacting with tourists? Check out the behind-the-scenes jobs, such as electrician, maintenance or engine mechanic.

6. Tour and Travel Guide

If you love culture, history, or art, or have a talent such as kayaking or mountaineering, you might be a good fit to become a tour and travel guide. Whether you lead group tours through the Louvre in Paris, or guide tourists on horseback through a national forest in Spain, a tour guide career can be the perfect way to combine travel with earning a living. And if you’re up for a truly exciting adventure, you could look into a mountain or river guide job with an outdoor organization.

7. Geologist

Government agencies, natural resource companies and non-profit organizations often hire geologists for work in distant locales. Many are employed to search out oil reserves, or with mining or engineering firms. Because the biggest engineering, mining and oil companies are international, they continually hire and move their employees all over the world. Some geologists work in academia, conducting research and teaching in places that need their knowledge most – which could be the middle of a desert, a tropical rainforest, or the base of an active volcano.

8. Importer/Exporter

If you’re business-minded, you could work toward a career with an import/export company. International trade has been around since Marco Polo’s time, and it is still an important economic driver. Importing and exporting is big business, offering countless opportunities to travel the world. Some import/export merchants start their own businesses purchasing foreign goods and selling them in other countries. Others work for larger trading companies, sourcing the products their customers want. If you have good sales skills, working as an importer/exporter could be your ticket to international adventure.

9. Sailor

Sailboats are more work-intensive than power boats. So if you have experience in rigging, repairing or sailing a boat, you might find work in just about any marina in the world. Working on larger, luxury-class yachts will require more experience, and operating a boat with passengers requires licensing, but beginning skippers can learn on smaller vessels and work their way up to the big leagues. From Greece to the Caribbean, any coastal country is likely to have opportunities for sailboat crews. Sailboat owners also hire crews to move their boats from home port to their vacation spots, like the Mediterranean or South Pacific.

Learn how to tie knots and whip up gourmet meals in a tiny galley, and you could be on your way to seeing the world by sailing ship.

Now, You Can Pursue Your Education While Traveling the World

You no longer need to put your dreams of earning a degree on hold while fulfilling your dreams of having a traveling job. It’s possible to advance your education by pursuing an associate’s degree online, a bachelor’s degree online or an MBA degree online. While education doesn’t guarantee employment, it’s a great tool to enhance your career opportunities after your travel bug is satisfied. In the meantime, pursuing advanced education can happen no matter where your traveling job takes you, because an online classroom can come along for the adventure, too.