This Sunday fathers everywhere will be rejoicing! Father’s Day is here and it is time to give back to your dear old dad. Although some of us may agree that dads are one of the hardest people to find a gift for, dads appreciate the thought behind your gift. Your love is what matters most! He will value handmade gifts that show you took time to think about him. Prepare your material list and get to work; Sunday will be here before you know it. Need some inspiration? Check out these DIY Father’s Day gifts!

1. DIY Wood Grain Flask

If your dad prefers an old scotch to a glass of pinot then work a little DIY project on a standard flask. Write your dad’s name or a personal note on the flask. Make sure to include his liquor of choice for a complete gift.

2. You Rock Cupcakes

Sometimes the best way to the heart is through the stomach. Show your dad your love for him with homemade cupcakes. Create these rock inspired cupcakes for the man that is your ‘rock.’

3. Father’s Day Gift Prep

Prepare for Father’s Day with this printable gift-wrap. Has your dad been dropping hints about a book or DVD he may want? Wrap it up in this holiday themed paper. He will appreciate the extra thought!

4. DIY Wine Rack

Here is a gift your dad will surely put to use! If your dad is the wino in the family, then construct a small wine rack and stock it with a few of his favorite bottles. A handful of materials are all you need to build this one of a kind Father’s Day gift.

5. Bacon Salt

For dads who love to cook or are a master on the grill, you can never go wrong with a homemade rub or combination salt made from scratch. Prepare a jar (or two) of bacon salt! He can add this salt to his favorite meaty meals.