Obviously, there are various professions to make a career in; however, an excellent choice for outgoing, and organized people is Hotel/Restaurant Management. People with this degree can establish themselves in a variety of positions such as Chef, Hotel Manager, Front Office Manager, etc. The most sought after position in the hotel industry is that of Hotel Manager. If you are also looking to make a career in the hospitality industry, then you could aim for this most coveted career, the position of Hotel Manager. Here are plenty of reasons to opt career as a Hotel Manager, 4 of the top reasons are listed below.


Hotel Managers are responsible for each and every aspect of the hotel they work for; including customer service, facility upkeep, quality of food, catering coordination, and much, much more. The manager also takes care of the staff meetings, cleanliness, transportation, purchasing, public relations, and all other necessary services offered to their valuable clients.

Overall, the Hotel Manager plays an essential role in managing things, maintaining the integrity and brand name of the hotel by handling the rest of the staff in a professional manner. In hiring new employees, training them, and administering to many other aspects of the staff an Assistant Manager is made the person in charge, reporting directly to the hotel manager. Additionally, Assistant Managers will prepare the schedule of the staff members and assign their duties under the care of the Hotel Manager.


Hotel Managers are usually the kind of people who enjoy making others feel at home and well cared for. With this type of attitude and a work ethic that says, “Nothing is too good for our guests,” you will go to the top quickly. Return customers drive business, and they return because they receive the proper attention and enjoy their stay in your facility. Having the ability and the personality to accommodate the pickiest of clients will move you up the corporate ladder into the position of Hotel Manager. The Hotel Manager is the final point where clients with problems go to have their issue addressed; if you have the people skills to please them, by understanding their problems and helping them through it, they will remember your response and come back again and again.

Rank & Salary

There are various managerial positions in different departments of each hotel; these can include housekeeping, front office, food and beverage, and convention service. All of these fall under the rank of ‘Assistant Manager’ – who always co-ordinates with the General Hotel Manager. Moving up the ladder towards the ultimate goal of Hotel Manager can take some time, but the power and prestige associated with this type of job can be great. Overall, the hotel industry is one of the best industries to work in, as it offers numerous rewarding opportunities, and bonus earnings of up to 20-25% over base salaries. On average, any executive who holds a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management can expect to make between $25,000 and $200,000. The salary of a Hotel Manager is based on the quality of the hotel they manage. Obviously 5-star hotels command higher prices for rooms and service, and their managers will be compensated appropriately. Hotel Supervisors can expect $10-$20 per hour to begin with and full-time Department Heads start at about $20,000 and go up to $80,000.

Job Prospects

If you have a close look at the job prospects this industry offers, you will see the potential for advancement and career security. Currently, the American hospitality industry is looking for 200,000 new workers with a Hotel Management degree from an accredited college. Hospitality programs are equipping students with the skills needed to succeed in the Hotel/Restaurant Management, Hospitality world. A degree in hospitality management can serve as a plus for graduates, as it could set them on the path of a better position or higher salary.

Additionally, the American tourism and travel industry is also surging ahead at a good pace; as a result, it is anticipated that the demand for qualified managers and service workers will also rise. Everything we have pointed out here should help you make up your mind to go for a career as a hotel manager by getting a Hotel/Restaurant Management degree from an accredited college.

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