For many, wine serves as more than a casual hobby.  It is a lifestyle and a passion that brings enthusiasts together into a community that encourages knowledge sharing, unique wine pairing, events and travel.  It wasn’t so long ago that wine was available only to those with status and prestige, but the world of wine has changed over the years and wine is now accessible to everyone from experts to beginners, and everyone in between.

Learning about wines can be a daunting task, but leave it to social media to make it easier. Here are ten wine experts on Twitter who can help uncork your knowledge and passion for wine.

1.  @1WineDude: This is the twitter page of 1 Wine Dude, a wine review blog that educates people on wine tasting and different kinds of wines, while dispelling the myth that good wine must be expensive and is understood only by connoisseurs. Written by Joe Roberts, author, wine blogger and wine consultant with an Intermediate and Advanced Certificate in Wine & Spirits from the WSET, and a Certified Specialist of Wine qualification from the Society of Wine Educators, Joe is also a member of the Wine Century Club. In addition to talking about the wine world and reviewing wine on his blog, he also shares ‘mini-reviews’ with his followers on his other twitter page @1WineDudeReview.

Tweets: 28,595 | Followers: 8,138 | MMI Rank: 647 | Stars: 5

2.  @winebratsf: This is the twitter page of Thea Dwelle, a wine lover, blogger and reviewer. Her blog, Luscious Lushes, shares her love for wine with her readers. It is where she reviews great wines that she discovers, talks about her experiences in the wine events in her area, and discusses wine-related news and products.

Tweets: 123,061 | Followers: 4,085 | MMI Rank: 657 | Stars: 5

3.  @RichardPF: Richard Auffrey is the author of The Passionate Foodie, a blog about wine, saké and spirits, and is a food and wine columnist for the Stoneham Sun newspaper. A Certified Spanish Wine Educator, Certified Wine Locations Specialist, and Certified Sakè Professional, Richard educates about great sakè and tastings, and reviews and teaches how to sell it on his blog Passionate Sakè. Besides sakè, his wine specialties include sherry, Spanish wine, champagne and port.

Tweets: 30,826 | Followers: 3,864 | MMI Rank: 1,206 | Stars: 5

4.  @myvinespot: My Vine Spot is a blog by Dezel Quillen, a wine blogger, wine lover, and self-proclaimed wine geek. Dezel is the founder, writer and photographer at the My Vine Spot blog where he posts about wine appreciation, wine education and the enjoyment of wine from a local angle. On his Twitter page, he shares links to his posts, short reviews of wines, and updates on events he attends.

Tweets: 30,826 | Followers: 3,864 | MMI Rank: 1,206 | Stars: 5

5.  @WriteforWine: This is the twitter page of Margot Savell a wine writer for Seattleite and the blog Write for Wine, where she chats with other wine lovers like herself on events, updates, tastings, pairings, and more. Her expertise is in wines from Washington and the northwest region, the state’s wine industry and the various wine events in the Seattle area. Margot’s motto is “It’s wine o’clock somewhere” and she aims to spread the word about good wine. She reaches out to other wine enthusiasts through website content, newsletters, wine clubs, wine bars and more.

Tweets: 9,621 | Followers: 4,423 | MMI Rank: 4,988 | Stars: 5

6.  @makerstable: Meg Houston Maker is not only a marketing expert at Bonny Doon Vineyard, but also a renowned food and wine writer, and wine expert. While her website provides insights on communication, media strategy and wine, her wine blog Maker’s Table is a source for wine reviews, experiences with great food and wine pairings, and cooking and wine making techniques. Her @makerstable twitter page is filled with her conversations with other wine experts, comments on fabulous wines, and recommendations on the most popular wines for any occasion.

@makerstable: Tweets: 8,800 | Followers: 4,272 | MMI Rank: 5,904 | Stars: 5

7.  @winosandfoodies: Winos and Foodies is the blog page of Barbara Harris, an Australian food and wine lover. Her blog chronicles her many travels, exotic food and wine she experiences, and the new recipes she tries each day. Barbara started blogging six years ago during chemotherapy treatments as a way to reach out to the world, and her blog has now become an online destination for those interested in great food and wine. Barbara’s cooking, and food and wine interests stem from her many travels to Europe and Asia, and her life in Australia, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Tweets: 10,326 | Followers: 2,111 | MMI Rank: 5,836 | Stars: 5

8.  @drvino: Tyler Colman seems an unassuming teacher in his role as a Lecturer at New York University. However, as Dr.Vino, he has won numerous awards for his blog, Dr. Colman has contributed articles to many high profile publications and his review and opinion of wine is highly valued. Dr. Colman has also published several books on wine and has co-authored a study on the carbon footprint of wine. His twitter page is bright and fun, with expert advice and reviews of both popular and little-known wines, and his updates and opinions on wine matters of all kinds.

Tweets: 5,757 | Followers: 12,146 | MMI Rank: 6,707 | Stars: 5

9.  @bkwineper: Per Karlsson, along with his wife Britt, is the co-founder of BKWine. They tour more than 200 wineries each year, gathering information on and reviewing new and interesting wines that they find. Per shares these experiences and his wine expertise on their blog Per also contributes to the BKWine Magazine and the BKWine Brief. His twitter page, which is bi-lingual, is filled with updates about wineries, tour details, and his experiences on these tours.

Tweets: 9,105 | Followers: 2,449 | MMI Rank: 6,832 | Stars: 5

10.  @jasonswineblog: Jason, known only by his first name throughout the blogosphere, is the every man’s wine connoisseur. He scours the aisles of Trader Joe’s to fine their best wines, reviews them and shares his opinion on his blog, Jason’s Wine Blog. Jason has a unique rating system that gives equal importance to affordability and taste. He uses his twitter page to interact with followers, find new wines, share updates on wine events, wine sellers and details about good buys in wine.

Tweets: 7,383 | Followers: 2,756 | MMI Rank: 7,607 | Stars: 5

* All number of tweets and followers are based on facts collected while the article was written.