Much like Mardi Gras, Spring Break is seen as a time for carefree excess, but with the morning after comes the hangover, and the realization that you went overboard. However, like William Blake once wrote, the road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom, and you can learn from previous experiences so that you neither have to stay home while everyone is having fun, nor have to end up flat-out broke after a few days of wild partying.


Most college students are looking forward to spring break all year long, but just as many fail to plan for it. Thus, once it comes they set out on improvisation mode, making panic driven expenses, so as to not be left without a place to stay, for instance. If you book in advance, not only will you secure lodging, but you will also get better prices (hostels are cheaper and include free services such as internet connection); and if you take your time packing, you won’t forget necessary articles that you would have to end up buying at a local store. Chances are you’re not going all by your lonesome (you can go Nick Fury and assemble a team with different skills and abilities that will be useful on the road), which is good because groups are a way of splitting costs and maybe getting group deals, and speaking of which, make certain to research the area where you’ll be going, not only to find where the best deals are, but also to get acquainted with the local customs and laws, in order to avoid running afoul of the authority, which can set you back time and money-wise.


You can expand that local-friendly vibe after you have arrived to your destination; the denizens of the city or town you’re visiting know better than any tourist guide where to go to when it comes to getting your groove on, and more importantly they can direct you to establishments where you will not be overcharged. However, whenever you are going to shop, limit your expenses to essential items. Refrain from buying souvenirs that you will break or misplace on the drive back. If you would like a memento of your trip, bring your own camera and take pictures. It would surely be neat if you or someone in your party can cook, but if you’re ever in need of eating out, try an all-you-can-eat buffet.


Though you may think that going abroad would more expensive that spending spring break in the country, but that really depends on your chosen destination. Europe is right out, but certain Central and South American countries will give you more bang for your buck. Broaden your horizons, and go to places and countries other than the same old locations; you will get to know new places, and are likely to find more affordable rates and fees. Now, if you really want to consolidate the whole experience, why not take a cruise? A cruise is like a traveling hotel/restaurant with many attractions, all for one price.

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