New York City Central Park

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This is a photograph taken at Central Park’s “The Pond.” This is actually Central Park South, since the park runs along West 59th Street.

The Story

I really enjoy working with water. Case-in-point, this capture has a beautiful reflection of the Time Warner Center, surrounding buildings and the blue sky. I have received a number of comments on this photograph. Many are saying that this is a different perspective of New York City and Central Park.

And that is my objective each time I depress that shutter button. I am always attempting to photograph NYC, differently. Which is an inherently difficult task. Especially since New York City is one of the most photographed city’s in the World.

So why do I do it? Why do I spend considerable time in finding a different photographic perspective? Because it tells a different story. And it’s my hope that these atypical stories connect with you.

Call To Action

When you are traveling around New York City — don’t simply visit the same old places. Checkout something different. Or at the bare minimum go during an odd time of the day. It’s that oddity that might change your perception.