New York City Skyline

So this past Saturday, I made plans to head up to Central Park for a blue hour photowalk. I did not schedule this walk with anyone but myself. Why — well it’s a bit difficult getting together a bunch of people at 5:30 AM ;-)

Yeah, not to mention you need to be a little bit off-center to get up that early in the morning. For no other reason than to take pictures.

Unfortunately, circumstances beyond my control prevented me from making it to Central Park. But I had a backup plan. So later in the day, I headed to Edgewater Street in Staten Island. I have always wanted to take a photograph of the New York City skyline from Edgewater. Why — well it’s a different perspective.

I am able to capture the New York City skyline — as well as the Statue of Liberty, New Jersey and a number of the ships that dock in this waterway.

NYC has endless photographic possibilities. And whether you are born here or not it’s imperative that you enjoy the City.

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When your primary plan falls through — do you have a backup plan?